UK ITF Public Downloads

Public Downloads
  Additional downloads are available to our members once logged in  
  United Kingdom ITF (UK ITF) FORMS  
1. Competitor Entry Summary Sheet PDF
2. Competitor Entry Individual Form PDF
3. Degree Application Form  
4. Equipment Catalogue PDF
5. Kup Application Form PDF
6. Membership Enrolment Form



UK ITF GDPR Privacy Policy PDF
8. UK ITF Membership Enrolment Privacy Policy PDF
  British Taekwon-Do Council (BTC) FORMS  
1. For the convenience of our members we have listed the registered policies that our Instructors adhere to;
BTC Policy Documents
       Code of Conduct & Ethics PDF
       Health and Safety PDF
       DBS/PVG PDF
       Safeguarding PDF
       Insurance PDF
       Social Media PDF
       Inclusion PDF
  International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) FORMS  
1. Current Fee Structure PDF
2. Cost Calculator Online
3. Application for Degree Certificate PDF
4. Application for International Instructor PDF
5. Application for International Umpire PDF
6. Certificate Application List PDF
7. Certificate Application Summary PDF
8. Application for INO's & ISD's Status PDF
9. Status Card Application List for INOs & ISDs PDF
10. Status Card Application for Individuals PDF
11. ITF Event Registration PDF
12. Application for INO / ISD Degree Certification PDF
Seminar Certificates:

Please send an electronic list of participant names, DOB and Nationality (as you wish them to appear on the certificates) in either Excel, Word, or comma delimited format together with exact details of the Event Title and Venue. 

The file should be sent by email to [email protected]



Seminar Information Packs





   Current UK ITF GB Rankings  
1. Senior Male PDF
2. Senior Female PDF
3. Adult Male PDF
4. Adult Female PDF
5. Under 18's Male PDF
6. Under 18's Female PDF
7. Under 16's Male PDF




Under 16's Female  

Under 14's Male

Under 14's Female








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BTC + UK Sport Recognised
UK ITF Instructors are accredited by the British Taekwondo Council, national governing body for Taekwondo in the UK, which includes DBS/PVG Scheme Enhanced certification, insurance and continued professional development


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