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29th Oct 2008 Imperial Championships
A selection of pictures from the recent Imperial Championships. DE Photo were on site all and managed to take over 3000 images of the days events. Please feel free to visit DE Photo and purchase any pictures that catch your eye.
22nd Oct 2008 YPDT Sponsorship
YPDT Leisure have agreed to sponsor Imperial Athletes and their families by providing the use of there facilities. A fully air conditioned Gym with Cardio Machines, Body Dynamics and Free weights, with a full length swimming pool and access to Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi.
20th Oct 2008 Recent Degree Promotions
Congratulations to the following Imperial students on their recent degree promotion.
15th Oct 2008 New website Features
We are currently rolling out new features daily for the Imperial website. During this testing period please be patient and we would appreciate if you could report any errors in its functionality to Head Office.
14th Oct 2008 Recent Degree Promotions
15th Sep 2008 Another New Partner
We would like to welcome Intergrity Martial Arts to Imperial.
As an Internationally recognised association (INO) of the ITF, Imperial Taekwon-Do offers the smaller groups a partnership and or an affiliate scheme.
9th Sep 2008 Imperial welcomes two new partners
We would like to welcome South Coast Martial Arts and Cardiff Martial Arts to Imperial.
As an Internationally recognised association (INO) of the ITF, Imperial Taekwon-Do offers the smaller groups a partnership and or an affiliate scheme.
9th Sep 2008 Regional South East News
9th Sep 2008 WI are one
View the promotional video for the ITF World Kup (Uruguay) November 2008.
Imperial Students will be in attendance.
1st Aug 2008 Mr Daniel Sng Promotion
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Daniel Sng of Singapore to VII Degree. Master Sng's promotion was announced by Master Trevor Nicholls ITF Secretary General.
11th Jul 2008 ITF and WTF Event in South Korea
Wow! 1st Ever...
1st time ITF have received live television coverage in South Korea.
1st Joint ITF and WTF event in South Korea.
Taekwon-Do ITF Vs Sprit MC K1 Fighter Televised across South Korea and Japan.
What an event, truly one for the history books. Full Report to follow.
9th Jul 2008 Imperial welcome Master Ian Lawes
We would like to welcome Master Ian lawes to the Imperial Taekwon-Do Association.
Master Lawes will be spearheading Wales ITF for Imperial. He brings a huge amount of experience and technical ability to Wales.
The future of Wales ITF is in safe hands, anyone or group wishing to affiliate to Wales ITF should contact Imperial Wales for information.
25th Jun 2008 Tul Update
Please be advised that effective immediately, the tul of "Ju Che" will be known as it was originally created by our founder General Choi Hong Hi as "Kodang".
You and your students are invited to take part in the Imperial TKD and Mellow Lane School 5 a-side football tournament, to be held at Mellow Lane School on Saturday 14th June 2008.
29th Mar 2008 Recent Degree Gradings
Congratulations to the following students on the recent degree promotion.
Sunday morning the instructor congregated in the board room for the Instructors AGM. We ran through the agenda items ranging from Business and Expansion Plans to Sanctioned Tournaments for next year. In particular the executive were re-elected and the regional directors were announced.
4th Jun 2007 Squad Training
4th Jun 2007 Joint Squad Training
Following the recent NAO (National Amalgamated Organisation) meeting for England, consisting of Imperial INO 2 and UKITF INO 90 the following decisions have been agreed.
15th May 2007 TeamUK Squad Training
The first squad training session for TeamUK has been scheduled for 30 June 2007
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