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Imperial Taekwon-Do Scotland - Region 1 Kup Grading
16th September 2010

Imperial Taekwon-Do Scotland – Region 1 Kup Grading

Queen Margaret University, Sunday 12th September 2010


Sunday 12th September saw the dawn of a new era within Imperial Taekwon-Do Scotland. It was the first Kup grading to take place under the interim Imperial Scotland structure and of course, the first grading to be officiated by Mr Mullin (IV Degree) and Mr Scott (III Degree).


The 9 QMU Region 1 students knew that they were going to be put through their paces right from the off, with the two hour time slot being a first for Imperial Scotland and ensuring nobody was in for an easy day.


All the students arrived at the venue early (before the doors were even unlocked!) to discuss the grading, practise their patterns and quiz each other on Taekwon-Do theory. 


The students waited patiently outside the hall while Mr Mullin and Mr Scott set up inside and this only added to everyone’s nerves. Mr Scott popped out to invite us all in and he seemed to be enjoying seeing his students under a little pressure.


Mr Mullin and Mr Scott asked the class to line up and Mr Mullin introduced himself to the students as it was the first time a lot of us had met him. Mr Mullin wasted no time in advising us what he expected and that all students were going to work up a sweat during their grading! With this in mind, Mr Scott led us through an energetic warm-up to get the heart rate up and loosen off our muscles.


Mr Scott then led us through some fundamental kicking and punching movements up and down the hall. The movements progressed from simple exercises initially to more complex pattern specific drills for each level of student, mixed in with some conditioning exercises to ensure we didn’t get time to cool down!


Once the fundamental movements had concluded, Mr Scott began the Tul examination covering the fundamental movements of Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi, before moving onto the first proper Tul, Chon Ji.


The heat was turned up after Chon Ji as Dan Gan was the grading pattern our four 8th Kup students and each of them put in a good effort, with Struan, Kirsty, Melanie and Morgan putting the previous few months of hard work in to practise.


The 8th Kups were dismissed and the attention turned onto the 7th Kup students, myself and James for our performance of Do San. Getting through the pattern without too many mistakes (I hope!) we were dismissed.


The pressure then moved on to our 4th Kup, David and his performance of Joong Gun which he performed well, only to be picked up on a small technical error by Mr Mullin.


Our 3rd Kup’s Lynsey and Mark were up next and by this time they had been under the spotlight for considerable time, the nerves had to be affecting them! Both of them performed an excellent routine of Toi Gye to finally get a well deserved rest.


After each student’s grading pattern, they were called out to the front of the hall individually by Mr Mullin to answer several Taekwon-Do theory questions relating to their grade.


Once the patterns had been completed and everyone had a chance to get a well earned drink we then moved on to sparring. Mr Scott then dismissed the students and asked us all to line up once more for a quick warm up before moving on to destruction, using our new board holder in a grading for the first time.


Kirsty and Melanie both followed on from their club practice success, with each of them breaking with a side kick before Struan had a second board added to break with his side kick with no trouble at all.


I was up next and after having a few nightmares with breaking in class recently, I was not looking forward to having to stand in front of the other students and break under examination conditions! Unfortunately the only thing buckling was nerve as I watched the two boards hit the floor still intact! The pressure was on for my second attempt which I am extremely relieved to say was successful. I then held my nerve to easily break the boards with my weaker left leg before James strolled up confidently and showed the boards no mercy!


Up next were the 3rd Kups who had to break with reverse turning kick and knife hand with both left and right feet and hands. All breaks were successful, despite a few failed first attempts, the students showed indomitable spirit to overcome the nerves under pressure and complete the destruction tasks.


After breaking, the students were then asked to line up and Mr Mullin read out everyone’s name and advised if they had passed or required to re-attend, initially missing out a couple of names ensuring some panicked faces in the ranks!


I am pleased to report that all students passed on the day, so a massive congratulations to everyone from ITA Scotland Region 1.

Lynsey Hope                            promoted to 2nd Kup

Mark Robinson                        promoted to 2nd Kup

David Johnson              promoted to 3rd Kup

Christopher Devine                   promoted to 6th Kup

James Jappy                             promoted to 6th Kup

Struan Mackenzie                     promoted to 7th Kup

Kirsty Mackenzie                     promoted to 7th Kup

Melanie Gallacher                     promoted to 7th Kup

Morgan Muir                            promoted to 7th Kup


Thank you to Mr Mullin and Mr Scott for their efforts on the day and, to Mr Scott for his enthusiastic and patient teaching. A special thanks goes to Mr Peter D Scott (1st Degree) who was in attendance to very kindly take photos of the grading.




Chris Devine

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