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£30,000 Commitment
11th February 2009

Our national squad members were successful last year at events in Barcelona, Uruguay and Sardinia and all were fully funded. I am pleased that the Imperial mission for funding our athletes was achieved to a total commitment of £30,000 in 2008.


2008 was a busy year for Imperial Schools.  The new regional arrangements provided local Black Belt and Squad training and raised significant funds to satisfy financial demands – it is important to have opportunities at grass roots level to identify and develop potential to strengthen our national teams.

Our national squad members were successful last year at events in Barcelona, Uruguay and Sardinia and all were fully funded.  I am pleased that the Imperial mission for funding our athletes was achieved to a total commitment of £30,000 in 2008.  I should particularly like to extend my thanks to Mr Yogi Chand for his generous and specific contribution through the Imperial Partnership arrangement for Imperial squad funding.

Students enjoyed participating in regional competitions in Cornwall (Open), Scotland (Open), Bristol (Teams) and Reading (Imperial British Open).  My thanks to all of you who gave your time to arrange and ensure the professionalism and smooth running of all of these occasions.

I am pleased to confirm the following Imperial senior promotions in 2008:

6th Degree  -  Mandeep Rauli
5th Degree  -  Johann de Silva
5th Degree  -  Hayley Parker
5th Degree  -  Stuart Dutton
4th Degree  -  Laurie Cornwell
4th Degree  -  Nick Gardner
4th Degree  -  Inderpal Dhillon
4th Degree  -  Gavinder Sidhu
4th Degree  -  Debbie Lawes
4th Degree  -  Mathew Lawes
4th Degree  -  Giuseppe Barani

I look forward to their participation in the forthcoming ITF International Instructors Course for 4th Degrees and above to be held in London in June.  I am joined regularly by seniors from Imperial and Imperial Partners for training sessions at Yiewsley Leisure Centre.  I appreciate their dedicated efforts to continue their training and development which, in turn, benefits students training in clubs throughout the country.    The senior training sessions foster harmony to enable England ITF members to work together when participating in ITF events.  Imperial is the largest association within England ITF but we are pleased to promote the waiver of individual association logos when our members represent England ITF.

It is perhaps useful to clarify the status of Imperial Clubs and Imperial Partners.  Imperial Clubs all teach the ITF and Imperial Unique Syllabus, participate in Imperial regional and national events and wear the ITF uniform with the Imperial logo.  Some Imperial Clubs choose, with permission, to further add their own badge.  Imperial Partners have their own name, teach their own syllabus and wear their own uniform.  Partners work with Imperial on the understanding that they will promote Taekwon-Do in the true spirit of the Founder’s teachings.  Integrity in this aim is fundamental to the Partnership arrangement.  Our Partner Deedigan TKD’s Chief Instructor, Mr Don Deedigan, will later this year sit and physically test for his 7th Degree for which we wish him well.

In 2009, we are preparing for the ITF European Championships in Croatia at the end of May.  This will be our main international event.  We have four defending European Champions – Melanie Evans, Reece Nicholls  Steven Watson and Nick Gardner.  We have a full calendar of regional activities, details of which are on the website.

I look forward to our members enjoying another busy and successful year.  I thank all our Instructors for their support and enthusiasm through our Schools and those who help with the administrative burden at every level.


As an Internationally recognised association (INO) of the ITF, Imperial Taekwon-Do offers the smaller groups a partnership and or an affiliate scheme. Thus enabling these groups to the benefits that a large association can offer it members in the way of Insurance and Tournaments including a direct link with the National and International governing bodies, while maintaining complete independence.

We are committed to providing a service that maintains ITF
Taekwon-Do is accessible to as many members of the community as possible.

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