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14th November 2018

The UK-ITF promotions committee is pleased to announce the promotions listed below following recent degree gradings.

Graded Under Master Wood 07th October


Tamsin Davis 3rd Degree – Leicester TKD

Joel Cassar 3rd Degree – Fishponds TKD

Joanne Thompson 2nd Degree – Ilkeston TKD

Shahzaib Salam 2nd Degree – Fishponds TKD

Jamie Cassar 2nd Degree – Fishponds TKD

Logan Keeble 1st Degree – Ilkeston TKD

Carl Finlay 1st Degree – Eastwood TKD

Archie Roberts-Gardner 1st Degree – Eastwood TKD

Cadell Coombes 1st Degree – Fishponds TKD

Aman Panacer 1st Degree – Leicester TKD

Neil Davies 1st Degree – Leicester TKD


Graded Under Grand Master Nicholls and Master Chand 07th October


Ricardo Noboa 5th Degree

Scott Owen 5th Degree

Tracey Schofield 4th Degree

Ocean Lawson 4th Degree

Hamzah Malik 3rd Degree

Emma Lush 2nd Degree

Lee Denchfield 2nd Degree

Emma Meadows 2nd Degree

Daniel Pitt 2nd Degree

Jai Panchanathan 2nd Degree

Dawud Malik 2nd Degree

Corey Lush 2nd Degree

Kyus Martin 2nd Degree

Tomasz Pietrzak 1st Degree

Krish Nair 1st Degree

Hesham Mahmoud 1st Degree


Graded under UK-ITF promotions committee panel 19th October


Sanjay Sharma 1st Degree - Hart TKD

Lindsay Hart 1st Degree - Hart TKD

Freya Asher 1st Degree - Hart TKD


Graded under Grand Master Nicholls 20th  October


Jon Lamb 6th Degree – Redruth TKD

Stuart Leppard 6th Degree – Thornbury TKD

Jamie McAvoy 5th Degree – Trenic TKD

Jay Gilbert 5th Degree – Trenic TKD

James Maggs 5th Degree – Thornbury TKD

Alex Yearling 3rd Degree – Cardiff Martial Arts

Ethan Shellem-Prince 2nd Degree – Cardiff Martial Arts

Gareth Peake 3rd Degree – Cardiff Martial Arts

Charmaine Patole 2nd Degree – Stoke Gifford TKD

George Conlon 1st Degree – Thornbury TKD

Keiran Hume 1st Degree – Cardiff Martial Arts

Iga Ochberg 1st Degree – Cardiff Martial Arts

Neil Blandford 1st Degree – South West Martial Arts

Ethan Knight 1st Degree – Truro TKD

Tom Adams 1st Degree – Upton Martial Arts

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