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Al Walkinshaw
InstructorAl Walkinshaw
Grade3rd Dan
Telephone07890 399994 or contact ITA HQ
Email[email protected]
Fax01606 781749

In July 1998 I was informed by surgeons that I had 2 prolapsed discs in my spine and that if I didn't have surgery I was in real danger of never walking again, the damage was so severe that they only gave me a 30% chance of a full recovery from the surgery, and at best I could walk unaided. Needless to say I proved them slightly wrong!!!

Following 3 years of gentle recovery and rehab from spinal surgery in November 1998, I started my TaeKwon-Do life with an independent ITF styled group in early 2002, having previously trained in a few other martial arts, including a brief spell in TaeKwon-Do as a teenager. I quickly progressed through the grades and won the coveted Student of the Year award for the group in 2003. In October 2004 I took my Instructors Course to allow me to help teach the junior class as assistant to my then instructor.

I managed to achieve 1st Degree Black Belt in June 2005, on what I can describe as one of the hottest days I have ever experienced in the UK (32 Degrees Celcius), and started my own club - Blue Dragon TKD Northwich

Some of my students included my own 3 children, Tom, Robert, and Lyndsay, whom had all been training along side me at my old club. I took over their instruction full time, and successfully guided them through their 1st Degree Black Belt Grading in June 2006, just 3 weeks after they won 4 silvers and a gold at the association's British Championships (Lyndsay winning her 2nd British Title in successive years)

In June 2007 I graded to 2nd Degree Black Belt, enduring a 4 hour marathon of techniques, patterns, self defence, sparring, destruction and theory. This was made all the harder as it was done with stitches in one of my fingers, that the day before I had put a knife through, severing the nerves and a vein in the process.

I graded to 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Nicholls on 24th April 2010 at Imperial TKD HQ in Yiewsley Leisure Centre. 2010 was a very eventful year for me in competitions as I won Gold at both the Welsh and British Championships, I have since gone on to win several Bronze medals at both Welsh and Scottish Championships in 2011 & 2012. 

Sadly my competitive days seem to be numbered as the spectre of spinal surgery has reared it's head once more. This time I have damaged 2 discs in my neck which require some major surgery although I am trying to put this off as long as possible in the hope of being able to grade for 4th Degree in early 2013. 

I joined the ITF and Imperial TaeKwon-Do Asociation in November 2008, bringin my clubs with me, and have to say it is possibly the best decision I have ever made!!!

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