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Monday 6th April 2009 saw ITF Secretary General, 8th Degree Black Belt Master Trevor Nicholls, President of the Imperial TaeKwon-Do Association, formally welcome Blue Dragon TKD into the Imperial TKD fold. Accompanied by 6th Degree Black Belt Mr Mark Skyrme, both instructed and guided the class of 36 students ranging from white to black belt at Woodford Lodge Sports Centre.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin]
16th Apr 2009 Imperial Stomp 2009
A South East tournament just for Generation X and Cadet students. Used for raising funds that help our International competitors to travel to Croatia this May. They will be competing in the ITF European Championships, several of whom will be defending their titles against some of the best competitors in Europe.
Imperial will always strive to sponsor it's athletes and its through events like these that the funds are raised. We would like to thank all those that attended and gave it there full support.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin]
11th Mar 2009 Master Maidana in Wales, UK
Master Maidana and Mr Perez were in Wales to conduct a sparring seminar for 80 students, some of whom travelling from as far as London or Cornwall (3 hours to drive).
[Written By:  Mr Kevin McCabe]
25th Feb 2009 Sardinia December 2008
South East and Cornwall region trip to Sardinia hosted Mediterranean Open
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
24th Feb 2009 Wales-ITF Championships
Nearly 200 competitors took part during the day travelling from all over the UK to attend, with some driving for up to 5 hours to be there. Master Nicholls was also present, lending his usual support to the event.
[Written By:  Kevin McCabe]
3rd Feb 2009 Master Nicholls in the Czech Republic
On Saturday, the 17-th of January 2009, technical seminar was organised by Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association (CTA) in Znojmo, CZ. We had pleasure to welcome the ITF Secretary general , Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan.
[Written By:  Jan Prochazka - Secretary of Czech ITF Association]
26th Jan 2009 Master Nicholls in Wales
On Saturday 24th January, ITF Secretary General, Master Nicholls conducted a seminar in Cardiff, Wales – it was the very first seminar for the groups that form part of Wales-ITF.
[Written By:  Kevin McCabe]
2nd Dec 2008 Imperial Bristol Inter-club 2008
The first Imperial Inter-club competition was a great success with over 115 competitors coming from all around the Bristol area. We also had competitors travelling from as far a Paignton in Devon, and from Cardiff & Newport in South Wales.
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge]
17th Nov 2008 Sponsorship for Sardinia
A huge thank you for all members who donated their time and effort in the recent fund raising activities.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin]
30th Oct 2008 Master Nicholls Seminar (Malaysia)
Report from Master Nicholls recent seminar held in Malaysia.
JOHOR BARU: For Chinese national Liu Guo Fu, a chance to learn from renowned International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Master Trevor Nicholls is not to be missed.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin]
21st Oct 2008 Master Choi Seminar Scotland Region
All the students were waiting in anticipation and excitement for Master Choi to arrive at the seminar at Dalkeith Campus, When Master Choi arrived at the campus awaiting him was a young lad Cameron McKay who lead Master Choi and Master Nicholls and Mr Skyrme into the hall playing the bag pipes. It was a great start to the seminar as it gave everyone a real buzz.
[Written By:  Catherine Divine]
19th Oct 2008 Master Choi Seminar South East Region
Master Choi Seminar South East Region
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
16th Oct 2008 Master Choi UK Tour 2008 - Bristol
Master Choi had a very successful visit to Bradley Stoke , Bristol. Over 70 students ranging from red belts to Masters attended from all over the country & as far away as Ireland. Master Choi used the opportunity to personally enforce the use o f the natural body movement in all movements, to allow our kicks, punches & blocks to be more realistic. Master Choi gave many demonstrations & also used students & Masters to explain many points.
[Written By:  Miss Kerry Burridge]
The XIX the SENIOR ITF, X JUNIOR and II VETERAN EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO CHAMPIONSHIPS and II EUROPE CUP 2008, took place in July 4th to 6th in Cagliari, Sardeña the current year. The event was organized by the ITF TaeKwon-Do Italy “Choi Jung Wha Organization” with the direction and coordination of the tournament comité composed by Master Pier Paolo Lecca VII Dan, Master Antonio Troiano VII Dan, and the International Instructor Mr. Carlos Martin VI Dan like Umpire Director. Fifteen countries participated in an event that arrived to Italy after the last edition made in Germany in 2006.
[Written By:  Press Dep.. European TKD Championships]
11th Aug 2008 WI are ONE
On the 1st July history was made as ITF and WTF Taekwon-do united in a joint tournament and festival hosted by Oscar Oh of Cheong Chung University. Master Nicholls along with Mr Skyrme and 2 of his students witnesses and partook in the prestigious event.
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
11th Aug 2008 International Instructors Course at Missouri
Master Nicholls was met with a huge reception as we entered the hall in which the IIC was to be conducted. After several minutes waiting for the applause to stop the large group was divided into 3 so that tuls could be performed comfortably. It was then straight to work as colour belt patterns were performed and scrutinised by colour belts and black belts alike as they stood on the sides.
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
11th Aug 2008 Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Singapore
During the last week of July ‘Island Taekwon-Do Centre’ was privileged to have the presence of Master Trevor Nicholls “8th Degree Black Belt” & ITF Secretary General.
[Written By:  Mr James de Vroome, 6th Gup, ITF Singapore]
25th Jun 2008 U.T.A. Black Belt Seminar with Master Nicholls, 21st June 2008, Letchworth, UK
“The seminar was exciting, Master Nicholls, with his awesome power demolishing bricks by touch of his hand was pure Taekwon-Do technique at its best” – Mr Uppal III
[Written By:  Andrew Botwright]
29th May 2008 1st China International Instructor Course
The ITF Secretary General, Master Nicholls along with Master Hogan and myself travelled to Zhu Hai China were INO 68, 147 and 335 were hosting the first International Instructor Course.
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
29th May 2008 Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha Birthday
Imperial students were invited down to participate in a dinner event to celebrate GM Rhee's 70th Birthday on Saturday 17th.
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
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