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15th Sep 2010 ITF World Championship Results
Official Results from the 2010 ITF World Championships in South Korea
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin]
10th Aug 2010 South East Region triumph at World Championships
Nine competitors from Hayes and Yiewsley TKD club succeed in Korea.
[Written By:  Gavinder Sidhu ] Comments: 4
4th Aug 2010 Imperial Ireland Success at World Championships 2010
It was the first World Championships that Imperial Ireland students Bernadette Doyle and John O' Connor had attended but it was successful beyond belief for both of them. Together with their instructor Michael Flaherty V Degree who was part of Team Ireland's coaching team, they set off with high hopes.
[Written By:  ]
Gassorís Taekwon-do took a small team of 29 students to enter the London Open Championships, 2010 held at Guilford Spectrum, Surrey on Sunday 18th July. Gassorís Taekwon-do came 1st place out of the 65 Taekwon-do teams that entered and came away with the overall winners shield for 2010.
[Written By:  Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
2nd Aug 2010 Worlds Championships 2010 (South Korea)
Brief overview on the ITF world championships from an organisation point of view.
[Written By:  Mark Skyrme]
13th Jul 2010 England World Champions!
England ITF take top country at the 2010 World Championships in South Korea
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 5
13th Jul 2010 Shaftesbury interclub competition
Members of ShaftesburyTKD took part in a friendly interclub competition with the students from Manchester, Huddersfield, Wirral and Liverpool
[Written By:  Michael Carr] Comments: 2
11th Jul 2010 Imperial Region 3 Devon Generation X grading
Teignbridge Schools Generation X June Courtesy grading
[Written By:  ] Comments: 1
16th Jun 2010 Gassor's Taekwon-do Black Belt Grading
On Sunday 14th June Gassor's Taekwon-do held their colour belt and Black belt grading at The Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, Maindee, Newport.
[Written By:  Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
10th Jun 2010 ITF Southwest Championships 2010
ITF Southwest Championships 2010 at Carn Brea Leisure Centre
[Written By:  Imperial Southwest] Comments: 1
1st Jun 2010 Imperial Team Challenge 2010
Over 170 students travelled from all over the UK from as far as Scotland & Cornwall.
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 1
31st May 2010 Imperial South West Sponsored Run
Imperial South West Sponsored Rum
[Written By:  Wendy Ann Richards] Comments: 1
26th May 2010 Imperial Team Championships - Thornbury, Bristol
Gassor's Taewkon-do win 35 medals and come 2nd place overall winners at the Imperial Team Championships on Saturday 22nd May at Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol.
[Written By:  Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
23rd May 2010 Imperial Ireland Hosts Master Nicholls VIII Degree
Saturday May 15th was the first important date in the history of Imperial Ireland Taekwon Do Association, when its President and Secretary General of I.T.F, Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Degree, made his first trip to the south east of Ireland to conduct a master class.
[Written By:  ] Comments: 1
21st May 2010 Region 2: Battle100 Fund-raiser
Region 2 hosted its first regional fund-raiser (Sunday 16May); 100x 1 minute continuous sparring.
[Written By:  Hayley Parker] Comments: 1
29th Apr 2010 Gassor's Taekwon-do attend the ITF Devon Open Taekwon-do Championships
Gassor's Taekwon-do students win 12 medals at the ITF Devon Open Taekwon-do Championships!!
[Written By:  Gary Gassor] Comments: 1
26th Apr 2010 Senior Grading 24-04-10
The grading was held at the full time Yiewsley Academy conducted by Master Nicholls VIII Dan.
[Written By:  Imperial TKD Admin] Comments: 1
21st Apr 2010 Master Nicholls Seminar & Banquet
Region 7 hosts Master Trevor Nicholls
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 1
15th Apr 2010 Fight Night Report & Results
All the action from the ITF Fight Night hosted by Region 14
[Written By:  Al Walkinshaw] Comments: 1
14th Apr 2010 Imperial Region 5 Black Belt and Squad Training Sessions
Imperial Region 5 enjoyed a superb regional black belt training session followed by a regional squad training session on April 11th. This was the first time the new region met formally, with Master Wood VII and his senior instructors including V Degree Mr Kerry Wilson, and students travelling from Nottingham to the venue in Oadby, Leicester. Dr Hayley Parker V also raced down the M6 to join us directly from the Blue Dragon Fight Night in Cheshire the previous evening.
[Written By:  Krystyna Sargent] Comments: 1
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