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UK ITF Scotland seminar with GM Nicholls
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On the 21 st of May 2016 the UK ITF Scotland held a Taekwon-Do and Pro Taekwon Kickboxing

seminar conducted by GM Nicholls, Mr Reece Nicholls & Mr Jamie McAvoy and assisted by local

instructors Mr Brad Robertson and Mr Gavin Robertson. Students from the UK ITF’s Queen Margaret

University and Dunbar classes had been eagerly looking forward to this event for months.

For all of the students of both disciplines this was an unmissable opportunity to be trained and

coached by GM Nicholls and four of the UK ITF’s internationally recognised and accomplished

martial artists.

The first part of the day began early with GM Nicholls addressing the assembled Taekwon-Do

students, acknowledging the commitment and focus of its instructors, students and parents to

encourage continuity of the martial art within the UK.

After an honest and insightful opening to the day GM Nicholls began the seminar by moving through

fundamental exercises, demonstrating correct technique and application when performing front,

turning and sidekicks. This was replicated utilising inner and outer forearm blocks at low, middle and

high sections. Throughout this session GM Nicholls encouraged the students to ask questions and

seek confirmation on anything they were unsure of from either himself or the very capable

instructors assisting him, this created a relaxed atmosphere that promoted progressive learning at a

pace that suited all the students.

A small break was taken to allow the students to rehydrate and don their sparring equipment for the

next stage of their Taekwon-Do learning experience, sparring.

Mr Reece Nicholls led the sparring session utilising the other instructors to demonstrate techniques,

combinations, distance, timing and movement, all of which have contributed to the instructors

present being domestic, international and world champions. The demonstrations also allowed the

students to observe what good looks like when an individual works hard and commits to practice.

This clearly made an impact on the students as they eagerly practiced the demonstrated techniques

under the watchful eye of the instructors. As is often the case

the first part of the days seminar drew to a close and was concluded by GM Nicholls addressing the

exhausted but invigorated class, thanking everyone for their participation and enthusiasm during the


After a short break to allow the Taekwon-Do students to get pictures taken with GM Nicholls and the

other instructors, the Pro Taekwon Kickboxing students prepared for the second part of the day.

This was led by Mr Jamie McAvoy, again ably assisted by the instructors present. After a warm up &

stretch Mr McAvoy put the students through a series of defensive, offensive and back foot

techniques, with the main emphasis on movement, to encourage and practice ring craft. The

students were then paired up to put the techniques and combinations into practice against an

opponent with everyone being encouraged to practice with different students to gauge their

effectiveness and to fine tune their defences, this kept everyone on their toes and alert.

After a quick opportunity to rehydrate the students moved into sparring mode utilising everything

they had learned and for many it had been 4 hours of continuous training & learning, but they

pushed through delivering 100% effort right to the conclusion of the seminar.

GM Nichols addressed the students for the last time to round off a very successful and eventful day,

leaving the students to ponder the many techniques and advice provided by the very experienced

and talented instructors present.

The UK ITF Scotland instructors and students would like to thank GM Nicholls, Mr Reece Nicholls &

Mr Jamie McAvoy for sharing their experience, energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Written by: UK ITF Scotland - 16th June 2016

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