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UK ITF IV Degree and above Training Weekend
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UK ITF IV Degree and above Training Weekend

On the 26/27th of September the UK ITF, under the direction and guidance of Grand Master Nicholls held its second IV Degree and above weekend of the year. This was a great opportunity for senior instructors and members to meet train and forge new friendships over a shared passion.

With many new faces around the room and record participation, Master Nicholls explained how he was encouraged by everyone’s support, which will only help in strengthening and continuing to build the UK ITF.

After quick introductions to the Masters and seniors present, the training weekend was ready to commence.  Jumping straight into 4th Degree Tul, we were able to spend much time dissecting the patterns and drilling their individual movements. It was a please to see instructors participating as students, learning, sweating and perhaps more importantly embracing the knowledge of our inspirational Masters.

Progressing from Yon-Gae to Ul-Ji, we rounded the day of with some free kicking on the pads. This gave all present a chance to relax into their training and find comfort in their individual sparring technique, a great way to end the day.

Aching yet eager to get started, day two was underway. As the 5th and 6th Degrees began warming up for So-San and Se-Jong the 4th Degrees began working on Moon-Moo, looking in particular at side piercing kick, side pushing kick, side thrusting kick and their application within in the tul. Once the 5th and 6th Degree instructors had finished, we all reformed and started to walk step by step through Moon-Moo together. With Master Nicholls taking emphasis off kicking height, we were encouraged to relax and enjoy performing the tul and discus its artistic movements.

The weekend finished with a detailed step-sparring workshop in which we performed 1 step basic, advanced and model sparring. Taking due care and time to explain the protocol we all left confident and clear in our understanding of how each is to be performed.

On behalf of the UK ITF and its members I would like to thank Master Nicholls for taking the time to support and impart so much wisdom and knowledge to the group, it is with your selfless support and guidance that we can continue to progress as ‘students’ of Taekwon-Do. We would also like to thank all the Master in attendance; Master Wood, Master Deedigan, Master Horan for their valuable input and to UK ITF admin for organising such a professional and well-organised event.

We look forward to seeing everybody at the next UK ITF national event!

Written by: UK ITF Admin - 13th October 2015

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