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4th Degree and Above Training Day and IIC
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4th Degree and Above Training Day and IIC

After weeks of anticipation the day was finally here for the 4th Degree and above training day and IIC. After such an overwhelming positive response from the previous training day we were all eager to see what Grand Master Nicholls had in store for us. With UKITF representatives from Trenic TKD Academies, Eastwood Martial Arts and Richards TKD and partners Organisations; Deedigan schools of Taekwon-Do, UTA, Chand Institutes, Hoganís Institutes and Dragon Martial Arts we knew this would be an event to remember.

After a warm welcome and opening speech delivered by the Masters present, it was down to business. The morning commenced with junior tul work progressing from Chun-JI to Won-Hyo. Whilst performing each tul Master Nicholls stressed the importance of understanding the correct name and application of each movement. With so much teaching experience and knowledge throughout the room we also saw this as a great opportunity to trade teaching methods amongst one-another.

Master Nicholls swiftly moved on to kicking lines and their deliverance within our fundamental tul. He continued to explain that there must be a differentiation between correct form and their adaption for sparring and breaking. After breaking down front snap kick, turning kick and side piercing kick we took the time to discuss the correct terminology for reverse turning kick which was a great insight to all.

After a short lunch break it back down to business as we were instructed we would be performing 4th Degree pattern Ul-Ji. Once again we broke the pattern down to its individual movements, understanding its application and correct terminology. As we walking step by step through the pattern, the Masters present prompted us to ask questions and spark debate, encouraging us to relax and explore the tul.

And just like that the day had come all too quickly to an end. Finishing at 6pm we all had time to retire to our rooms for a quick rest before meeting in the evening for a bite to eat and explore of Bournemouthís lovely town.

Day two and we were ready to continue where we left of. The Masters took turns leading the remaining 4th Degree patterns before moving onto So-San and Se-Jong. This was a great opportunity to not only watch our senior degrees perform but allow the instructors to become students once again for the afternoon (which is a rare and exciting occasion for many full time instructors).

The day was concluded with an in-depth explanation and demonstration of one step (basic), one step (advanced) and model sparring. Following the book we refreshed our understanding of one step basics before being left to work through the set sparring within small groups.

As the day was coming to an end, Master Nicholls sought to test our perseverance and Indomitable Spirit instructing we would perform al tradition tul from Chun-JI upwards. Again we were encouraged to, as 4th Degrees and above, perform as STUDENTS of Taekwon-Do as opposed to instructors.

It was a long yet exciting two days of training and on behalf of the UKITF would like to extend our thanks to Master Nicholls, Master Wood, Master Deedigan and Master Horan for taking the time to help instruct and impart their wisdom upon us. We would also like to thank those who attended the weekend whom without the event would not have been possible.  

Written by: Trenic TKD - 2nd October 2014

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