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On the 30th March Region 1 held its first Black belt testing of the year and with students ranging from 1st Kup to 3rd Degree it was set to be an emotional day of highs and lows, excitement and elation.

After quick introductions from the examiner panel, led by Master Nicholls and Master Rauli, the grading was ready to commence! Once all junior tul work and degree patterns were performed there was just enough time for a short water break before returning to floor. As self-defence routines and kicking drills were called, this was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their technical prowess, application of movement but perhaps more importantly their heart and perseverance under the gruelling task which lay before them.

Once the juniors had finished, they were instructed to pad up and prepare for their sparring whilst the adults performed 3step, 1step and model sparring. As the juniors returned to the floor they were focused and raring to go. Following countless rounds of free sparring, they were instructed to perform 2v1 sparring, a real test of their indomitable spiritů which they passed with flying colours! It was then the time for the adults to spar and with the help of assistant Mr Reece Nicholls we all knew we were going to witness a display of fast kicks and furious fists from the word go.

To finish the grading the students were instructed to remove their pads and mentally prepare themselves for breaking. Being the last segment of the grading this was an opportunity for all testing to demonstrate correct application and use of body mass as-well as a applying a little courage in the process.  

After 4 gruelling hours, the grading had finally reached its completion, and with Master Nicholls imparting some lasting words of wisdom to the students testing, all present were left humbled and eager to learn more as their journey in Taekwon-Do had reached yet another significant mile-stone.

Written by: Matthew Brunger - 16th April 2014

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