Trenic TKD Schools set the standard at English Championships
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This year’s English Championships was once again an event full of excitement, anticipation, success and upset, making for an exceptional display of competitive Taekwon-Do. As always, Trenic TKD Schools had been training hard on the build up to the competition and with a clear focus and determination, were set to take to ring with only one outcome in mind.

With a team of 29 Competitors and the support of parents and friends cheering from the stands we were ready to compete!!! Up first were the junior divisions, many of whom are currently training in our cadet regional squad program. It was encouraging to see the youth of Trenic Academies and Region 1 step onto the mats calm, collected and eager to perform, (and they did so in spectacular fashion).

Jason Morrison- Silver (Sparring)

Dolci Grove-Gold (Sparring)

Katie Hetherington-Gold (Sparring), Silver (Patterns)

 Coby- Gold (Special Technique), Silver-(Sparring)

Karen-Gold (Patterns), Silver (Special Technique), Bronze (Sparring)

Molly Ranson-Gold (Sparring)

With confidence and team moral soring following the success of our junior students, it was now time for our senior and adult competitors to suit up and prepare to compete. With our black belts fighting for their place in the England team and our Kup grades looking to stamp their authority on the competition circuit, the crowd were left on the edge of their seats, waiting for the events of the afternoon to unfold.   

Representing our adults in the Kup divisions were; Ryan, Maria, Fran, Jevgenija, Tom, Barry, Ayoob Ben and Ahmed who were all on top form and eager to compete. Each student performed well and they were a credit to their Club and Region. It was encouraging to see the competitors relaxed in the ring and perform at a level far surpassing their grade.

As for our black belts, it was now their time to shine and with the spot light focused on them was an opportunity to show case all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears they had put into their training at the Dojang. The medal hall set off to a slow start with a couple minor upsets in the pattern divisions. However, we can safely say the highs outweighed the lows with Jamie McAvoy, Laurie Cornwell and Prit Sidhu securing top spot on the podium in their Tul categories. With determination now at an all-time high, and with somewhat a point to prove, the squad padded up and prepared themselves for sparring. 

As usual the team did not disappoint with Jamie McAvoy, Lee Hollingsworth and Reece Nicholls each taking gold and Matthew Brunger securing silver in the middleweight division, rightfully earning their place in the ‘Road to Rome’ Finals Night. The ladies sparring results painted a similar picture with our ladies winning 4 out of 6 weight classes, in what was a great display of determination, athleticism and sportsmanship.

This championship was also an opportunity for our junior black belts to step up and earn their spot in the England team. Representing Trenic and region 1 were Aaron Mather, Harry Evans and Kyus Martin. Although falling just short of the medal table in patterns, our three juniors dug deep and fought back to take two gold’s and one silver in their categories.

With the World Championships clearly in sight, we will now return to Dojang, evaluate our performances and train even harder for the final hurdle in our way ‘FINALS NIGHT’!!!

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to both the Tournament and umpire committees who organised and lead the event as well as all the tireless efforts of the umpires who gave up their weekend to judge the divisions, helping aid the smooth running of the day. We would also like to thank the competitors that travelled down to compete and the supporters cheering on from the stand, who without the event would not have been possible.

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As a club we would like to extend our congratulations to Mr Rauli on receiving his promotion to 7th Degree Master. Mr Rauli is an inspiring instructor and coach whose advice and guidance has helped to lay the foundations of region 1’s growth and success! Along-side his personal and UKITF commitments, his selfless devotion to the black belt and squad training is much appreciated by all who attend, holding Master Rauli in high regards.

Congratulations Master Rauli

Written by: Matt Brunger - 24th February 2014

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