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Master Nicholls travels to Wales to host the final team training session of the year for Gassor's Taekwon-Do Wales!
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On Saturday 23rd November Master Trevor Nicholls 8th Degree Black Belt travelled to Wales to host the final team training session of the year at the Martial Arts & Fitness Centre (MAFC), the Head office of Gassorís Taekwon-Do Wales.

The session started with an inspirational speech given by Master Nicholls on how we are all students regardless of belt and how we should always strive to better not just our martial arts ability, but also for us to use those skills to better our lives and all those around us.

The session started off with an introduction of angles and ways to strengthen our legs in various kicking drills and footwork. The use of the knees and torso was heavily mentioned by combining the movement of both those body parts which help to generate power.

Gassorís Tournament Team was highly charged by Master Nicholls charisma and down to earth methods of teaching and his ability to explain to everyone in the session so that they were able to understand, from the youngest team member to the oldest.

Master Gassor and everyone from Gassorís are very grateful for the time Master Nicholls gave to us, and are very thankful for him passing on his vast knowledge of both technical and competition knowledge.  Everyone can use the skills and drills learnt in the session to make 2014 even more successful that 2013!

Written by: Miss Emma Gassor - 21st December 2013

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