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UKITF Host the first 4th Degree and above training under the instruction of Master Nicholls
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On the 02nd – 03rd of November the UKITF held its first 4TH degree and above training session. This was a fantastic opportunity for senior instructors to all come together under the guidance of ITF Secretary General Master T. Nicholls and train together as STUDENTS of Taekwon-Do (a novel experience for most full time instructors). Also in attendance were Master Creedon, Master Wood and Master Gassor whose collective knowledge and enthusiasm was evident as the weekends training unfolded.

As instructors eagerly arrived and introductions were made, Master Nicholls encouraged everyone to relax and enjoy the session and that all input would be warmly welcomed. After a pulse raising and exciting warm-up from Master Gassor, focusing on sparring foot work and body motion, the seminar was ready to get underway!! Master Nicholls spent the morning dissecting the junior Tul, opening the floor for instructors to highlight teaching methods and common technical errors. This was a great start to the seminar allowing the instructors to interact and discus, rather than simply performing the patterns.

After a quick water break, Master Creedon led us through a master class of close combat self-defence. It was exciting to see all in attendance embracing the experience as well as picking up some useful (and perhaps painful!) locks and releases.

For the last section of the Saturday session, Master Nicholls spent time instructing 2nd and 3rd degree Patterns. We were encouraged to perform as students, executing each movement from start to finish with power, focus and enthusiasm. After 2 hours of patterns I feel all would agree the session finished far too quickly and could not wait to arrive early Sunday morning and continue training.    

The day was rounded off with a though provoking, and heart felt presentation from Master Creedon to Master Nicholls, highlighting and recognising the history of both Masters, dating back to the early 70''''s, and thereafter the continued input and support to ITF under President, Choi, Jung Hwa. After a quick shower and change of clothing we regrouped and went out for a nice meal were we were able to come together and talk on a social front outside the realms of the Dojang.

On Sunday morning we arrived to the news we would be starting with 5th and 6th degree patterns and working our way down through the grades. This was an exciting opportunity for the senior grades to perform and learn from the Masters present, (and of course was a great honour for the lower grades to witness). As the day progressed, all students were called to the floor to perform (and in some cases had the opportunity to learn) their grade patterns. To break up the day, Master Wood was asked to lead a small workshop on self-defence techniques and defence against weapon attacks. Master Wood’s unique teaching style provided both a relaxed and fun approach whilst understanding how to deal with the serious possibilities an individual may have to face in our modern day society.

After a short break and another exciting warm up from Master Gassor, Master Nicholls finished the day with one step sparring (basic and advanced) and model sparring, a new concept aimed at developing the response to random attacks whilst improving technique, balance and control.

The UKITF 4th Degree and above training session was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. At the end of the weekend Master Nicholls encouraged all present to report back with their feedback and will in the near future be setting a date for the next session, (which I am sure will receive great attendance). We would like to thank Master Nicholls, Master Creedon, Master Wood and Master Gassor for their support and input over the weekend and all those who attended, making the event a very enjoyable and memorable experience.         

Written by: Matt Brunger - 21st November 2013
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Hayley Parker ( UK ITF) : 3rd December 2013, 23:41

I second that! Fantastic weekend. Thanks to all the Masters and of course thanks to all the attendees.
Kerry Burridge ( UK ITF) : 27th November 2013, 11:47

It was a really great weekend. Can't wait for the next one!
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