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Gassor's Tournament Team win 23 medals at the Irish Kup Cup 2013!!!
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Gassor''s Tournament Team win 23 medals at the Irish Kup Cup 2013!!!

On Friday 20th September Master Gary Gassor along with his wife Kay and their daughter Senior Instructor Mrs Leanne Gassor-Jones and 40 members from Gassor''s Taekwon-Do Wales (18 competitors & 22 supporters) travelled to Wexford, Ireland ready to compete in the Irish Kup Cup 2013 on Saturday 21st September.

Everyone from Gassorís travelled together on a coach Friday morning from the club''s head office (the Martial Arts & Fitness Centre (MAFC), Newport) to Fishguard ferry port. Mrs Gassor-Jones gave everyone an itinerary with plans to make the most of everyone''s time in Wexford, and then kept everyone entertained on the 3 hour coach journey with goody bags, a couple of games of bingo, a word search, a Taekwon-Do quiz, some riddles, a raffle, a general knowledge quiz for children and one for the adults! The entertainment helped the coach journey go very quickly and before we all knew it we were on the ferry to Ireland!  After the 3 and a half hour ferry journey we arrived at Rosslare ferry port and made our way to the hotel while watching the classic film ĎCool Runningsí on the coach on the way! When we arrived at the hotel everyone had a quick freshen up and made their way for a group meal. Everyone had a great time at the group meal and it was great for everyone to spend some quality time together. The host of the Irish Kup Cup, Mr Mick Flaherty, kindly popped into the hotel to see Master Gassor, Kay & Mrs Gasor-Jones and checked that everyone was ok. Everyone then had a fairly early night ready for the day ahead.

On the day of the tournament (Saturday 21st September) everyone met for a delicious buffet breakfast and then all made our way to the tournament by shuttle buses. Everyone at the tournament was welcoming and appreciated Gassorís returning to the competition for our 3rd year running, but we could also see that the Irish I.T.F were eager to win their Irish Kup Cup back that we had won from them in 2012!

The tournament under the guidance of Master Nicholls went really well and everyone from Gassorís had a great day. The medal tally for Gassor''s 18 competitors was 23 medals (9 Gold, 7 Silver & 7 Bronze) and Gassorís came second overall, with the hosts Irish I.T.F winning the Irish Kup Cup back.

Gassorís medal results were:

Ethan Kyte - Gold Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
Georgia Southway - Gold Sparring
Isobel Southway - Gold Sparring
James Shaw - Gold Sparring & Gold Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
Katie Ford - Gold Patterns
Kian Luton - Gold Sparring
Morgan Thomas - Gold Sparring
Sam Pupic - Gold Sparring

Daniel Chappell - Silver Sparring
Ellis Murphy - Silver Sparring
Jack Taylor - Silver Sparring
Jake Rendle - Silver Patterns
Katie Ford - Silver Sparring
Morgan Thomas - Silver Patterns
Sam Pupic - Silver Patterns

Craig Radford - Bronze Sparring & Bronze Patterns
Ethan Kyte - Bronze Patterns
Jake Rendle - Bronze Sparring
Jamie Yung - Bronze Sparring
Kian Luton - Bronze Patterns
Rhian Morgan - Bronze Sparring

A big ''WELL DONE'' also goes to the following students who all worked really hard: Adam Reed, Harri Radford and Owen Powell.

Everyone from Gassor''s had a brilliant weekend and Mrs Gassor-Jones all the students and parents were really glad that Master Gassor and Kay could join us all on the weekend and really enjoyed their presence. Kay was very enthusiastic with her support and advice to students and had everyone in fits of laughter all weekend!

The ĎGassorí family would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Mick Flaherty for hosting a great tournament, and would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to all Gassor''s students and supporters for attending the tournament. We really appreciate their time, effort, expenditure, commitment and dedication... Well done everyone!

Go Go Gassor''s Go Go!

Written by: Miss Emma Gassor - 25th October 2013

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