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UKITF Region 1 Black Belt Grading
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Saturday 14thSeptember 2013 played host to the second black belt testing of Region 1’s year, many students hoping to graduate from Kup to Degree; some students looking to progress to the rank of expertise. Participants arrived early in order to mentally prepare as well as warm up for a tough and thorough examination.

Grading headed up by UKITF Executive Director Master Nicholls assisted by UKITF technical chair Mr Hollingsworth; began with standard ITF traditional tul work with students demonstrating all 10 Kup grade patterns. Promptly followed by the performance of current grade tul varying from Choong Moo to Moon Moo; hopeful participants then went on to execute kicking drills and self-defence combinations.

As the 180°Reverse hook kick self-defence climaxed students were given allowed a short water break while Master Nicholls and his panel discussed technique pointers from the traditional core Tuls, Kicking drills and self defence combinations. Summoned back to the floor by Mr Hollingsworth students were put into pair in order to preform set sparring. Pairings preformed 3, 2 and 1 step in quick succession and with a high output. Moving on from set sparring students were instructed to pad up into their sparring equipment for some matsoki jayoo.

1stKup’s took the floor first moving around well and executing some decisive techniques. Participants moved from partner to partner when instructed too eventually moving into  2Vs1 sparring.

Once the colour belts had sparred the Black belts took to the floor. Ferocious none the less the sparring was admired by the colour belts and family member watching on from the back. Like the colour belts the black belts went on to 2Vs1. Sparring came to a close and students were instructed to line up for power.

Colour belts executed yop chogi, dollyo chagi and ap chagi while black belts preformed 2 choice flying techniques followed and air break hand technique. Following the breaking the grading came to a close Master Nicholls praised students for the attempt and students bowed out and went home.

Region 1would like to thank Mr Reece Nicholls for giving up his time and helping out with the grading.

Results tofollow…

Written by: England Region 1 - 20th September 2013
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

FAWAD MALIK : 27th September 2013, 09:39

Article is very well written explaining the whole process in detailed fashion unifying words and imagination to portray an accurate image played in the readers minds. Very well done.

Also That was an amazing day, 5th DAN grading I’ll definitely remember hats off to Mr Brunger and Mr Sidhu tenacious & commendable performance, Everyone did over and beyond expectation and am speechless for my LiL man Laxman. Excellence over Exuberance.
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