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Pro Taekwon competitors take to the ring to compete in day show bouts
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On the 8th June students from Pro Taekwon Kickboxing travelled down to Aylesbury to compete in the prestigious STORM light contact day show hosted by promoter and pro fighter Steve Cook. As always the coaches and competitors were greeted with a warm welcome and registered promptly and professionally.

After a quick coaches meeting discussing the rules and regulations the fighters returned to the warm up area where they could relax and prepare for their bouts. Up first and representing pro Taekwon in her first kickboxing fight was the young powerhouse Dolci ‘Demolition’ Grove who stepped into the ring confident and determined to win. After trading it blow for blow in the middle of the ring for the first round Dolci had her opposition on the back foot and after some solid hand and foot combinations in the second round her opponent was forced to retire. A great start to a promising kickboxing future for Dolci and a strong opening fight for Pro Taekwon’s medal Campaign.

Up next and competing in his second kickboxing bout was Harry Evans. After a close loss in his last fight Harry was fired up and eager to step into the ring once again. This time the young talent came out from the bell throwing hand-falls of accurate punches and well-timed kicks. Throughout the three rounds Harry settled into his performance and his confidence shone through. This was a very entertaining fight and well deserved win for Harry Evans in his second outing and arguably his best performance to date. 

Up next and looking to continue the perfect run set by our cadet fighters was European Taekwon-Do hopeful Jake Thomas. Against a much older opponent Jake entered the ring with a clear game plan and it was clear early on his technique and perfect timing had given him an early lead into the fight. Unfortunately into the second and third round the referee deemed Jakes attacks to be ‘uncontrolled’ and ‘too heavy’ landing him a 2 point deduction. Although dominating the fight from bell to bell Jake had to concede the fight exiting the ring upset and confused however pleased with his performance and leaving him even more fired up for the European championships in July.

Up next was our heaviest junior George Wakefield who entered the ring a fighter and left a warrior. Throughout the three rounds the competitors stood toe to toe throwing bunches of accurate punches and heavy landing kicks. Although his opponent had the height advantage George was able to work inside his opponent and score some well-earned points. As the final bell was called both fighters returned to their corners quietly confident and happy with their performances. Unfortunately it was not to be George’s day, losing in a very close contested match up.

Up next was Dolci Grove who was once again was called to the ring to compete in an exhibition ‘demo’ fight against a very novice and inexperienced young fighter. This allowed us to see a different side to Dolci as she traded her hard hitting and intimidating approach for a much more friendly and supportive fighting style. Dolci spent the two entertaining rounds working on her speed and tight defence whilst giving her opponent a massive confidence boost in the process. This not only highlighted her ability as a true martial-artist but left her leaving the ring a great ambassador for the Pro Taekwon team and the values we stands for.

Back to the competition and up next was Jake Fitzgerald fighting in his second ever match-up.  Jake came into the fight a much more conditioned and tactical fighter quickly working out his opponent’s style early into the fight. Giving away a great height advantage Jake spend the three round soaking up all his opposition had to offer, working his way inside the opposition and scoring fistfuls of accurate punch combinations. Unfortunately Jake took one too many kicks during the fight swaying the judges to give the result to the opposite corner. Although a little disheartened Jakes improvement is a great credit to his hard work and that of the coaching team behind him and we look forward to see him step into the ring again very soon.

Leon La-Croix was next up to the ring and after a no show from his arranged opponent was matched up against a more experienced and seasoned fighter. This was Leon’s first fight and to step into the ring is no mean feat in itself. From the first bell Leon seemed at home in the ring and although taking several shot early on was not deterred and continued to work his way forward. Into the third round Leon began to work his fighter out and with the encouragement and advice from the coaches behind him was able to open up and capitalise on his opponents mistakes. Unfortunately it was all too little and late and Leon took his first loss. Once again we believe with a little more training and conditioning Leon will definitely make his mark on the kickboxing scene and we look forward to seeing him fight again very soon.

After a run of three loses we were eager to claw back a late win for team Pro Taekwon and with this heavy weight on his shoulders was European Taekwon-Do hopeful Adam Everett. After a cautious start Adam began to settle into his performance and chop down the heavier opponent, controlling the fight with accurate kicks and counter punches. This made for a very entertaining final fight to our campaign and after the final bell was called Adam returned to his corner confident and rightfully so as the referee announced Adam the winner. This was just the result Adam was looking for as he now embarks on his next goal of competing in the European Championships in Barcelona later in July.

We would like to thank Steve Cook and the Pegasus team for their hospitality both prior to and during the event and commend them on their well thought through match ups. We would also like to thank the supporters and coaches who travelled down to back the pro Taekwon team. We more than anyone know how lonely the ring can be and we can assure all support given was well received and much appreciated.

Written by: Matthew Brunger - 13th June 2013
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Richards (Richards TKD - St Austell) : 14th June 2013, 11:06

On behalf of Adam ,Jake and everyone at Richards TKD we would all like to thank Mr Jamie McAvoy, Mr Reece Nicholls and Mr Matthew Brunger for their support at this event. It was a brilliant beginning to the boys Pro Taewon career and this support has inspired some more competitors to compete at this exciting addition to their Taekwon-do career.
Thank you all again
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