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On Saturday 8th June, Master Nicholls travelled to Scotland to conduct a technical seminar and grading with students from Mr Robertson’s Queen Margaret University and Mr McLay’s Loanhead clubs.


Mr Gault put the students through a brisk warm-up to ensure everyone was loosened off and ready for action.  

Upon entering the hall Master Nicholls was given a rousing reception from the students and was applauded to his position at the head of the hall, accompanied by Mr Robertson.


For some of the students participating it was their first time meeting and training with Master Nicholls and they did not know what to expect. It’s safe to say that there was an air of anxious anticipation in the hall during the warm-up.


As is his way, Master Nicholls quickly set everyone at ease with his engaging manner, giving a short speech in which his enthusiasm for the martial art he had pursued for over 35 years, was evident.


Master Nicholls started the seminar covering inner forearm and outer forearm blocks, highlighting the difference in the techniques and discussing their application, before moving onto kicking techniques, spending some time analysing the turning kick and the angle at which the kick should be executed and the standing foot should pivot to. To ensure correct delivery of the technique, with the ball of the foot, and the power driving directly forward in a straight line, rather than an arc, as is often the misconception, he utilised training air shield pads. This allowed the students to understand the potential power they could generate with a well delivered technique.


The seminar drew to a conclusion and Mr Robertson thanked Master Nicholls for taking the time to visit Scotland and share his extensive experience and knowledge with us once again.


After a short break, the grading commenced with three students going for promotion to 2nd Kup, two students hoping to gain their 1st Dan and two students also going for promotion to 2nd Dan.


The grading was very fast paced, with little time for the students to catch their breath, with fundamental movements, patterns, UK ITF self-defence and kicking combinations, 3-step sparring, 1 step-sparring, 1-v-1 sparring, 2-v-1 sparring, theory and destruction all being covered, ensuring it was a thorough examination of each student’s abilities & knowledge in all of the required syllabus aspects of Taekwon-Do.

One of the biggest tests, not covered in the syllabus, was everyone’s perseverance and indomitable spirit as the hours ticked by and limbs started to tire.


Master Nicholls oversaw the grading, with Mr Robertson giving out instruction to the students, showing his ever improving grasp of Korean Taekwon-Do terminology. Throughout the day Master Nicholls & Mr Robertson were ably assisted by Mr Brad Robertson, Mr Gavin Robertson and Mr Gault who made up the rest of the grading panel.


The grading concluded with Master Nicholls giving feedback on the performances of each student, before announcing the successful promotions:


Promoted to 2nd Dan:              Chloe Gault

                                                Lynsey Hope


Promoted to 1st Dan:               Julia Mikhniak

                                                Chris Devine


Promoted to 2nd Kup:              Sam Campbell

                                                Kirsty Mackenzie

                                                Struan Mackenzie


A short photo montage of the seminar was created to commemorate the seminar and the link is below:


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Written by: Christopher Devine - 11th June 2013
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Douglas Robertson : 16th June 2013, 18:28

A great piece Chris and the photo montage is excellent, a fantastic day for the UKITF in Scotland.

A big thank you to all students who gave their support, I am sure that everyone finished the day with a renewed enthusiasm and walked away with a clearer perspective on how powerful a martial art Taekwon-Do can be .

A special thanks to Master Nicholls for taking time out of his very busy schedule to deliver an informative and pro-active seminar, as well as grading Queen Margaret Universities future Black Belt candidates, the next generation of Black Belts and promoting the existing Black Belts to their next level.

Well done to all and thanks to James, Brad & Gav for their assistance on the day.

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