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Master Nicholls Seminar Richards TKD Region 4
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On Saturday 18th Mat 2013 Matster Nicholls very kindly travelled to Cornwall to conduct a seminar and Black Belt Grading for Richards TKD. For once the sun was shining a the students started to arrive along with Mr Peter Hilditch, Mr Ross Hilditch, Mr Peter Smith, Miss Leslie McGhie and their students, which made for a very friendly atmosphere as we all got together again.
After a warm welcome for Master Nicholls the seminar was underway with Master Nicholls instructing us on the differences in application between a striking technique, a scooping technique and a pushing technique and how they are delivered. After much pratcising to try to perfect these we then moved onto practising the art of consecutive kicking whilst on the move, delivering front snap kicks, front kicks and front pushing kicks .
Whilst this was going on it gave Master Nicholls the opportunity to check on the progress of our Elite Squad members who travel to Barcelona in July of this year , Master Nicholls indicated he was pleased with the progress they were making under regional and National Squad instruction.
The remainder of the seminar was spent on drill work both on pads and up and down the dojang to give the students the maximum time to practise what they had been taught earlier on in the morning.
Then unfortunatley it was time for a first class seminar to come to an end and after Master Nicholls had opened the floor for any questions which he answered fully.
From a seven year old yellow tag upwards all in attendance learned so much, it really inspired everyone in their training and all were looking forward to their next training session to be able to practise again.
There was a huge round of applause and thanks for Master Nicholls and thanks also went to the visiting instructors and their students.

Master Nicholls work was still not done as it was now time for the Regional Black Belt Grading where there were sixteen students to grade ranging from 1st Kup to 2nd Dan all looking forward to grading for their next grade. Master Nicholls was very pleased with the standard, being high and a 100% pass rate.

Both Mr and Mrs Richards would like to thank Master Nicholls for his time and sharing his knowledge with us all again .


Written by: Mark Richards - 21st May 2013

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