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On Sunday the 17th March the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility opened its doors once again for UKITF’S annual Scottish Championships. Following the arrival of competitors, umpires, officials and spectators who had travelled from varying distances, it was time for normal protocol which saw the umpire committee roundup all volunteering officials for a brief talk on the layout of the day. After a summary of the roles of the day everyone was eager as ever to witness some serious competition.

Senior grade adult black belts took to the floor first to perform a series of both choice and designated patterns , the senior division saw some familiar faces retain their Scottish titles whilst some new faces swept to the top of the leader boards taking home their first title as Scottish Champion. Once the adult senior grades had taken to the floor it was time for the well supported junior and newly formed cadet divisions to perform. With the European Championships in mind many of the junior and cadets were keen to make their performance stand out to all those watching. After some very close call rounds and high quality performances in both male female junior divisions many returning competitors once again secured a place in medal position with some new faces providing stiff competition. Both male and female black belt cadet divisions have increased in numbers and in quality in recent events, the Scottish was no different. The cadet girls took to the floor to perform their respective patterns and sparring division and spectators were not left disappointed. Following the girls it was time for the cadet boys a divisions which have a number of extremely talented individuals all wanting to obtain first place. With large patterns and sparing pools it is clear to recognise the sheer talent which these young aspiring athletes have.

As the morning closed in on black belt divisions it was time for lower grades to hit the floor, with a variety of categories being merged to ensure a more challenging competition. Every individual was eager to become Scottish champion 2013 and this was easily observable in many of the performances throughout the colour belt divisions. With kids kickers’ being a real standout group it is necessary to give credit to the red belt division who put on extremely positive performances. As ever the adult colour belt divisions did not lack power or determination to achieve success and many colour belt divisions which were merged saw some excellent displays of Taekwon Do.

On behalf of the Tournament committee UKITF would like to express our sincere thanks to all that made the Scottish Championships 2013 a successful event. As always without the help & support of everyone from spectators, competitors, helpers, officials & referees, to senior members & Masters these events would not be possible. UK ITF are working hard to ensure that our competitions are run in a professional & efficient manor & would welcome all feedback to improve future events. With the European Championships in Barcelona in the upcoming months, we look forward to seeing all the competitors that have supported the Scottish Championships & many others represent their country to the highest standard.

Written by: UK ITF Admin - 25th March 2013

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