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UK ITF Scotland Region 1 - Kup & Generation X Gradings
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On Saturday 24th November, UK ITF Scotland Region 1 held their final Kup grading of 2012 at Queen Margaret Universty.

The grading was attended by students from both Region 1 clubs, Mr Robertson’s QMU and Mr McLay’s Loanhead club with students ranging from cadets going for promotion to 9th Kup all the way through to adults going for their 1st Kup.

The 2 hour grading was adjudicated by Mr Robertson and Mr Gault with Mr Brad Robertson performing the technical demonstrations as required.

The grading commenced at 12pm and all students were requested to perform the UK ITF syllabus including patterns, self-defence combinations, kicking patterns and fundamental movements ensuring that the grading while the grading was exhausting, the technical element was strongly emphasised with Mr Robertson giving pointers on several techniques and their practical applications.

The grading concluded with sparring and 2 on 1 sparring and despite everyone already being exhausted, they still managed to give it their all.

Mr Robertson drew the grading to a close with a short speech and congratulated all the students for their efforts, advising that everyone grading was successful. The students were then presented with their new belts and photographs were taken of the proud students and the grading panel.

The full list of promotions is below:

Chris Devine                            Promoted to 1st Kup

Struan Mackenzie                   Promoted to 3rd Kup

Kirsty Mackenzie                     Promoted to 3rd Kup

Chiara Lynch                           Promoted to 5th Kup

Erin Muir                                 Promoted to 6th Kup

Scott Wilson                            Promoted to 7th Kup

Cameron Bisset                       Promoted to 7th Kup

Alex Smith                               Promoted to 8th Kup

John Sturgeon                                   Promoted to 8th Kup

Daniel Wheeler                                 Promoted to 8th Kup

Matthew Robertson                       Promoted to 9th Kup

Following on from the Kup grading, the future of QMU took part in a Generation X Perseverance grading on Monday 26th November, conducted by Assistant Instructor Miss Hope with Mr Robertson casting a watchful eye over the youngsters from the sideline.

Miss Hope worked the students extremely hard, whilst testing their technical abilities and theory knowledge. The kids found the grading hard work but enjoyable and their excitement at being promoted was clear for all to see.

The full list of students successfully promoted is below:

Sofia Lynch

Ruraidh Scott

Ethan Cotter

James Dugdale

Jamie Moore

Harris Taylor

Written by: Christopher Devine - 30th November 2012

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