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Region 7 Master Nicholls Seminar
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On Saturday 27th October Master Nicholls travelled down to the Bristol area for what now have become our Bi-annual Region 7 seminar, grading & banquet. Master Don Deedigan was also in attendance to give his usual support to the region & Master Nicholls.

The session was well supported with around 50 members ranging from 4th kup to 6th degree in attendance to soak up Master Nicholls knowledge & experience. Master Deedigan started the seminar with a brisk warm – up preparing all the students for the kicking drills that Master Nicholls was about to unleash on us! There was much attention & detail given to how we should deliver the kicks & what their purpose should be. As usual the two hours flew by, but there was just enough time to bang out a few patterns in which Master Deedigan & Mr Horan lead Do-San & Won-Hyo. Master Nicholls then emphasised the power that should be applied when performing these patterns in which the front row of 5th degree & above senior grades demonstrated by performing Joong-Gun.

The seminar was concluded with the customary group photos & Master Nicholls also gave out some small Taekwon-do gifts to the juniors, which was very much appreciated.

After a short break a nervous few were ready to be tested for new degree grades. Some were starting their degree career by going for the 1st degree, but also we had a few going for more senior grades of 5th & 6th degree. All were being tested under the watchful eyes of Master Nicholls VIII, Master Deedigan VII & Mr Horan VI. After 4 hours of demonstrating patterns, set sparring, self defence, sparring, & power breaking all were very surprised & pleased when Master Nicholls announced the results. There was a 100% pass rate, with the top three passes being given a special mention.

As usual it was then a quick dash off to the local Ship inn to prepare for the evening banquet. Everyone was dressed in their best looking forward to a three course meal in the company of Master Nicholls & Master Deedigan. Master Nicholls made his customary speech after the meal & then presented degree belts to some of the students who had graded earlier that day. Lots of photo’s of the new belts along with friends, family, instructors & the Masters then took place & everyone relaxed to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Many thanks & congratulations go to all that made the day possible & we look forward to the next seminar with Masters Nicholls on 27th April 2013

Written by: Kerry Burridge - 24th November 2012

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