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Gassor’s Taekwon-do Wales win 53 medals with 16 british Champions at the British Championships 2012!!!
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Gassor’s Taekwon-do Wales win 53 medals with 16 british Champions at the British Championships 2012!!!

45 members from Gassor’s Taekwon-do Wales took part in the UK ITF British Championships on Saturday 20th October 2012 in Cardiff and came away with an amazing 53 medals...16 Gold (British Champions), 21 Silver and 16 Bronze!

The club are immensely proud of all 45 students and the medal results were:

Gold Medals: (British Champions)

1. Alex Forehead – Gold Sparring
2. Ayrton Mullins – Gold Sparring
3. Carys Blackmore – Gold Sparring
4. Connor Davies – Gold Sparring
5. Ellis Murphy – Gold Sparring
6. Georgia Southway – Gold Sparring
7. Gwyn Blackmore – Gold Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
8. Jack Powell – Gold Sparring
9. James Shaw – Gold Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
10. Jamie Yung – Gold Sparring
11. Jordan Casey – Gold Sparring
12. Liam Rossiter – Gold Sparring
13. Ryan Davies – Gold Patterns
14. Samuel Taylor – Gold Sparring
15. Tomos Sharwood – Gold Sparring
16. William Holmes – Gold Sparring

Silver Medals:

1. Alun Davies – Silver Sparring
2. Arron Rose – Silver Sparring
3. Caitlin Nail – Silver Sparring
4. Camron Griffiths – Silver Sparring
5. Carys Blackmore – Silver Patterns
6. Chris Thomas – Silver Sparring
7. Ethan Kyte – Silver Sparring
8. Gwyn Blackmore – Silver Sparring
9. Harri Radford – Silver Sparring
10. Isobel Southway – Silver Sparring
11. James Shaw – Silver Sparring
12. Jamie Yung – Silver Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
13. Jessie Taylor – Silver Sparring
14. Lewis Ali-Williams – Silver Sparring
15. Logan Hegarty – Silver Sparring
16. Mark Sharwood – Silver Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
17. Martin Bebell – Silver Sparring
18. Morgan Thomas – Silver Sparring
19. Owen Carter – Silver Sparring
20. Ryan Davies – Silver Sparring
21. Shaun Jeffries – Silver Sparring

Bronze Medals:

1. Adam Reed – Bronze Sparring
2. Arron Rose – Bronze Patterns
3. Axel Hegarty – Bronze Sparring
4. Axel Hegarty – Bronze Patterns
5. Ayrton Mullins– Bronze Special Technique (Jumping High Kick)
6. Connor Davies – Bronze Patterns
7. Daniel Chappell – Bronze Sparring
8. Harri Shelley – Bronze Sparring
9. Jake Rendle – Bronze Sparring
10. Katie Ford – Bronze Sparring
11. Kian Luton – Bronze Sparring
12. Mark Sharwood – Bronze Sparring
13. Morgan Thomas – Bronze Patterns
14. Sam Pupic– Bronze Sparring
15. Wahidur Rahman – Bronze Sparring
16. Wahidur Rahman – Bronze Patterns

A Big ‘Well done’ also goes to: Dana McAvoy, Jack Taylor, Logan Maskell and Rhiannon Nielsen who also all gave excellent performances.

Gassor’s Taekwon-do Wales would like to thank the UK ITF Tournament Committee and everybody involved in the organisation of a brilliant and well organised tournament. Everyone from Gassor’s had a great day and we look forward to another year of enjoyable tournaments in 2013!

Mrs Gassor-Jones and all the Gassor family would like to say a huge thank you to all Gassor’s students, parents, families and supporters for their fantastic commitment, dedication, time, effort, consistency and expenditure for the tournaments... thank you everyone!

To view more photos of the British Championships 2012 please visit the Gassor''s Taekwon-do Wales photo gallery via the following link:

Written by: Miss Emma Gassor - 2nd November 2012

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