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UK ITF Scotland (Region 1) Fundraising Race Night
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On Saturday 14th July, UK-ITF Scotland, Region 1 (QMU Taewkon-Do Club)  held a Race Night and Disco to help raise funds to go towards sending QMU Instructor & Scotland Coach Mr Peter Scott (IV Degree) and his two students Mr Brad Robertson (III Degree) and Gavin Robertson (II Degree) to the ITF World Championships in Canada next month.

The night was really well attended with families and friends coming along to support the occasion, recognising what an achievement it is to be selected to represent your country at a World Championships.

The Race Night proved tremendously popular with guests purchasing their horses for the races and cheering the horses on (and cursing them when they failed!). The 8 races were sponsored by local businesses who were keen to support the night.

The horses for the final race of the night was an auction only race with guests bidding up to £65 for a horse, raising the stakes substantially higher than the previous races where a horse was £1!!!!

The winning horse went to Brad Robertson (like he doesn’t win enough?!) and his friends who shared their winnings between their group.

Once the races had concluded, Brad and Gavin gave a little speech to say thanks to everyone for coming along to support them, their instructor, parents and club mates for their support and that they hoped everyone had a good night.

During the night there were also several other popular party games such as Stand-up Bingo (which after a few beverages proved slightly confusing) and a coin-toss competition to see who could get closest to a bottle of Whisky – with the winner taking home the Whisky.

The night concluded with a disco with many people strangely showing less coordination dancing than they do in the dojang practising our martial art, but only after Kerry brought out a cake to a chorus of happy birthday for Mr Scott who celebrated his 21st birthday (again?) the next day.

Mr Scott then gave a little speech of his own, summarising the countless achievements both young men have had throughout their Taekwon-Do careers and adding that it is rare to have two such special talents at a club as small as our own, finishing by wishing them good luck in Canada.

Overall, the night raised approximately £1,300.00  and this will feed into the UK-ITF pot for supporting all UK-ITF athletes in Canada.

Our thanks go to everyone who played a part in organising the event and who contributed to its success on the night, especially Kerry, Mr Scott, Tommy and Lynsey who were all on official duties for a lot of the night.

Special thanks go to the local businesses that very kindly sponsored the races, making the night possible.

Thanks to:

P&H Marr Grocers, Tranent

The Bakers, Tranent

Short Self-Drive, Dalkeith

K. Paxton Blacksmiths

Scottish Mauy Thai Council (East Calder Camp)

Mario’s Kebab & Pizza House, Musselburgh

John Lynch Flooring

No.1 Dance & Martial Arts Studio, Irvine

Richard Harkin Enterprises, Irvine

East Lothian Council

Dunbar Community Council

Further, a short promotional video was used to publicise the night on Facebook and YouTube and can be seen by clicking the link below:

Good luck in Canada boys!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Christopher Devine - 31st July 2012

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