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South West Open Championship 2012
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SGTKD always looks forward to our annual trip to Paignton and on Sunday 22nd April students and their supporters cheerfully headed down again for the South West Open Championships. Typically, the sun shone outside whilst inside the hall quickly filled with competitiors, officials, supporters and spectators.

The day began promptly with high and long kicks for Little Dragons and Cadets. Ollie and Lucie both did well and won gold in the long kick and high kick respectively. Mea and Charmaine, who were taking part in their first major competition, both did really well, thoroughly enjoying themselves and not getting at all fazed by the occasion.

The day ticked along nicely as the patterns began and the medals started to accumulate. Gold''s were achieved by Samir and Kieran, silver''s for Billy, Laura, Ollie, Connie and Rae-Ann and bronze''s for Phoebe, Myles and Ben C. Harry did really well too, getting silver in what was also his first major competition.

The atmosphere during the day was filled with friendly rivalry between the various clubs. Old friends were reacquainted and new friends made as everyone chatted and cheered each other on.

Sparring got underway with everyone giving their all in each round and Irek, Callum, Kieran, Esme, Sarah, Ben BA and Phoebe added to the medal tally.

A big well done goes to Chloe, Jenny, Joseph, Dominik, Madelaine, Charmaine, Luke, Mea, Stuart and Cara who all put in excellent performances.

Once they had finished competing, some of the younger black belts were happy to be asked to help umpire and were eager to gain some more experience in this area.

The day finished off with power and before we knew it we were on the return journey to Bristol.

It was another well organised day and our thanks goes to Mr Churchward and all the officials for such a well run event. Thanks also to all the supporters who came to cheer The Giff on!

We took home a total of 20 medals - 4 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze and the full list of competitiors and results were as follows....

  • Ben Baker-Attwood - Bronze Sparring

  • Sarah Baker-Attwood - Bronze Sparring

  • Chloe Baker-Attwood

  • Jenny Brown

  • Laura Robertshaw - Silver Patterns

  • Billy Smith - Silver Patterns

  • Dominik Kruk

  • Irek Kruk - Silver Sparring

  • Joseph Elson

  • Kieran McDermott - Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring

  • Callum Brown - Bronze Sparring

  • Esme McCarthy - Bronze Sparring

  • Lucie Robertshaw - Gold High Kick

  • Ollie Robertshaw - Silver Patterns, Gold Long Kick

  • Connie McDermott - Silver Patterns

  • Phoebe Grandfield - Bronze Patterns, Silver Sparring

  • Rae-Ann Elson - Silver Patterns

  • Myles Coombs - Bronze Patterns

  • Harry Stone - Silver Patterns

  • Charmaine Patole

  • Mea McCarthy

  • Stuart McCarthy

  • Samir Bellani - Gold Patterns

  • Cara Looij


Written by: Stoke Gifford TKD - 23rd June 2012

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