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Master  Gassor was delighted to accept the kind invitation from Master Nicholls, 8th Degree Black Belt and General Secretary of the ITF, to attend the I.T.F. Masters class in Holland under the instruction of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, 9th Degree Black Belt and Son of the founder of ITF Taekwon-do. 

Master Gassor set off in the early hours of Friday 23rd March from Newport, South Wales to meet Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Master Nicholls at Heathrow Airport.  When landing at Schiphol Airport in Holland they were greeted and kindly welcomed by Master Steve Zondag, Vice President of ITF Royal Dutch. In the evening they were invited for a meal with Senior Instructors of the Royal Dutch which was very enjoyable and was a great chance to have a chat and spend some time with the Senior Instructors. 

On Saturday 24th March Master Gassor had an early morning breakfast with Master Nicholls and Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and later set off to the I.T.F. Masters Seminar which started at 10am.  As they walked into the Seminar hall they were pleased to be greeted by 120 Black Belts of which 40 were Senior ITF 4th Degree Black Belts and above grades and masters were present from 10 different countries. 

After Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa gave a speech on the ‘Do’ side of Taekwon-do the Seminar began with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa covering kicking techniques, how to improve power with good technique and a demonstration was then given of Korean weapons.  Later in the day, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa explained the theories covering the colour belt patterns and how best to perform them.  Later 6th Degree Belts and the I.T.F. Masters performed Tong-il. 

The Seminar came to a close at 5pm with a photo session taking place where each country were able to have their photo taken with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Master Nicholls. 

In the evening, Master Zondag arranged a banquet meal for all of the masters and students who attended the Seminar.  Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa gave a speech and each Master was presented with a present from the Royal Dutch I.T.F by Master Zondag.

On Sunday 25th March, Master Gassor and Master Nicholls ventured into Amsterdam town with fellow members of the UK-ITF for sightseeing and a light lunch.

Master Gassor then flew back in the evening after a very enjoyable weekend and felt privileged to be invited to take part in a very enjoyable Seminar and meet Masters and students from all over the world.   It was great to see Master Creedon, 8th Degree Black Belt from Ireland who Master Gassor had met the previous year at a Seminar in Wexford, Ireland.  It was also nice to meet Mr. Olaf Braemer from Germany.

Master Gassor would especially like to thank Master Zondag, Mrs. Ella Zondag, Mr, Hennie Thijssen, Willem Jansen and Paul Van Beersum from the Royal Dutch for their great hospitality, friendship and for a great Seminar and weekend.   It was great to socialise with other Masters who share the same interest and respect for I.T.F. Taekwon-do and to see ITF’s success worldwide.

Written by: Miss Emma Gassor - 3rd April 2012
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Peter R Scott ( UK ITF) : 13th April 2012, 18:22

Thanks for sharing Master Gassors experience, sounds like a great event
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