Scottish Championships 2012
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On Sunday 18th March, a multitude of eager and talented Taekwon-Do enthusiasts from the United Kingdom came together and competed in the UK-ITF Scottish Open Taekwon-Do Championships.  

The event was held (for the second time) at the impressive Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell, and it proved to be a success with competitors and spectators being provided with adequate parking, seating, viewing, catering and warm-up areas. In addition, the 2012 event included another fully sized and matted Taekwon-Do ring, revised special technique holder, electronic scoring system and official ITF tablecloths and banners.  

Doors opened and events started at 8 and 10am respectively, allowing the competition to make fast progress through categories containing high graded students. After an impressive display, the majority of high graded black belts immediately changed into umpire apparel and took to the floor to ensure the day would keep pace and reach successful conclusion during afternoon daylight. The recently revised Tournament and Umpire Committees, headed by Miss Kerry Burridge (V) and Darrin Bonfield (V) added to these efforts, ensuring that activities went smoothly throughout.  

With many hard working referees, umpires and technical support figures in place, Development Committee Chair, Mr Glenn Horan (VI) was able to relax an allow full attention to be turned to the most important people of the day, the competitors!  

Without disappointment the Generation-X, Kickers, Cadet and Junior divisions demonstrated some fantastic technique and sporting attitudes, making all spectators and instructors rightfully proud. Of particular interest was the +13 years categories, bursting at the seams with students selected to represent ITF England, Wales & Scotland at this yearís World Taekwon-Do Championships in Canada, along side our friends at Ireland ITF.  

The Adult categories didnít disappoint onlookers either, with many seasoned and proven competitors demonstrating outstanding sparring combinations, worthy of the repeated international titles we all want to see! It was also good to see such an array of challenging opposition, pushing current champions to their limits and in some circumstances toppling the top seeds from the usual medal positions.  

With consistency, the senior divisions produced more spirited and brutal sparring bouts, eclipsed only by the usual brave and technically sound destruction and pattern events. A highlight for many junior students that enjoy seeing their own demanding instructors under pressure.  

The day ended sharply at 4:30pm allowing our visiting instructors, umpires and spectators to make the long and exhausting trip home.   In addition to all committee chairs, heads and members, we at Scotland ITF would like to thank Reuben, Ben, and Alison from the Chand Institute for delivering and maintaining the electronic scoring systems during the tournament.

We would also like to give special thanks to all who occupied the Control Table and to Mr Buxton, Mr & Miss Richards, Mr Churchward, Mr McCabe, Miss Humphries and Miss Parker for working tirelessly as centre referees.  

We hope to see you all again next year!    

Mr Peter Scott IV Degree - Scotland ITF

Written by: Mr Peter Scott - 27th March 2012

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