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UK-ITF Scotland - Master Nicholls Seminar
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On Sunday 11th December 2011, UK-ITF Scotland played host to the ITF Secretary General, Master Choi Nicholls, who had kindly agreed to conduct a technical seminar at Queen Margaret University on the outskirts of Edinburgh.


Following a warm and reassuring introduction from Master Nicholls, and a quiach presentation and speech from Mr Peter Scott on behalf of Scotland, the seminar began. Master Nicholls went straight into drilling us on the front kick and explained the technique thoroughly until everyone had a clear understanding on why this technique was so effective and when to perform it from the front or rear foot in a snapping or smashing fashion.


We were delighted to find that kicking remained a string theme for the duration of the exhausting two hour seminar and we managed to cover crescent kick, hooking kick, inward vertical kick, outward vertical kick and back kick to mention a few.


With the support of Mr Desmond Harkin and other influential UK-ITF Instructors in Scotland, the seminar attracted an array of fresh, promising Taekwon-Do students and Master Nicholls acknowledge this during the day’s proceedings.


We would like to thank Miss Ashley Nicholls and Mr Peter Scott for helping arrange the travel, accommodation and venue which made the seminar possible. Also, our thanks to Mr Dougie Robertson for conducting the pre-seminar warm-up and stretching routine.  Finally, to Mr Choi Nicholls for delivering another enjoyable and informative seminar, and for taking time from his busy and demanding ITF schedule.


We look forward to training, learning and sharing ITF Taekwon-Do together again soon!





Written by: Peter R Scott - 23rd December 2011
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Desmond Harkin : 31st December 2011, 23:46

It was a excellent day had by new students got a real taste of taekwon-do with master nicholls & are looking forward to the next one.
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