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UTA Region at the European Championships Italy
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Finally after more than four months of intense preparations not only at national squad training but also regional squad training every week we arrived in Naples Italy Wednesday 19th. The four competitors, one coach, two umpires and three spectators were tired but enthusiastic about the tournament.

After checking in to the rooms we only had time for something to eat and bed, Thursday 20th time for the weigh-in. All competitors managed their weight and could now eat properly and they sure did, pizza, pasta, chocolate, sweets you name it!!!

Time for last minute preparations, all teams practiced their patterns for a few hours in the afternoon until no more could be done. Freshened up and then out to find more pizza!

Friday 21st -23rd tournament, all competitors from the region were all fired up and as they went through the days entering their divisions coming out with medals, highs, lows, but most of all a great experience of international competition. As three of the regions competitors were juniors and one only just an adult it was great to see them gaining in their confidence and abilities for the future. Although the biggest thing for me was just seeing them compete at this level however they also gained European titles and not only the region but made England proud.


Miss Gemma O’Connor Adult Female 2nd Degree
Individual Sparring Middle weight: Bronze
Team Sparring: Gold
Team Special Technique: Gold

Best overall female team


Miss Jodi Horan Junior Female 1st Degree
Individual Sparring Welter weight: Silver

Individual Special Technique: Silver

Individual Power: Silver

Team Sparring: Gold
Team Patterns: Gold

Team Special Technique: Gold
Team Power: Gold

Best overall junior female team


Miss Sophie Donnelly Junior Female 2nd Degree
Individual Sparring Heavy weight: Gold
Team Sparring: Gold
Team Patterns: Gold
Team Power: Gold

Best overall junior female team


Mr Tom Durnford junior male 1st Degree
Individual Sparring Middle weight: Had a great spar and did us proud

Written by: Glenn Horan - 28th October 2011
[Comments: 5]

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Article Feedback:

Gemma O'Connor : 17th January 2012, 13:49

Brilliant time in Italy :) .. Thank You Mr Horan
Peter R Scott ( UK ITF) : 22nd December 2011, 19:25

Thanks for sharing and congratulations to all!
Leanne Gassor-Jones : 28th October 2011, 18:52

Excellent results! Well done to you all from everyone at Gassor's Taekwon-do Wales :-)
Christopher Devine : 28th October 2011, 12:57

Well done folks!
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 28th October 2011, 12:10

Well done all...
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