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Seminar with Master Wood
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It was a pleasure to host a training session with Master Wood VII Dan for the second time this year - There was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere throughout the day, and after a few introductions the black belt seminar was underway at 10am. The first half of the session took the form of a ''squad training'' session - intense bursts of fitness/conditioning excersizes blended with traditional Taekwon-Do movements including step sparring and kicking techniques. We had a chance to get our breath back as Master Wood discussed aspects of self defence and how to read your opponent/attacker - Everyone got hands on and tried the techniques, with correction where needed.

With the Dan part of the seminar complete, the Kup contingent entered the Dojang at 11:30, Master Wood introduced himself and announced he had a gift for Shaftesbury Taekwon-Do club - He very kindly presented the club with a framed picture of our founder - Gen. Choi Hong Hi, with a personal inscription from Master Wood. The presentation was accepted by Mr Carr and Mr Kelly on behalf of Shaftesbury TKD - Many thanks to Master Wood.

The hall was packed with students and Master Wood took us through some excersizes, stretches and combinations before focusing on patterns as some last minute practise for all those grading - The colour belts were kept on their toes as Master Wood quizzed them with pattern questions. Mr Carr was invited to the floor to perform Ko-Dang tul - Master Wood encouraged everybody to comment on the good and bad parts of the performance, and how they might perform the pattern differently. The session was concluded by discussing self defence and the importance of community in Taekwon-Do, bringing the ''Do'' of our art to the forefront.

The black belts joined Master Wood for a buffet lunch before a long grading got underway. Thank you to all those that attended and made this event possible, particularly Mrs Kelly and Kady for working behind the scenes - Thanks once again to Master Wood and his wife for making the journey to visit us.

Written by: Michael Carr - 26th September 2011
[Comments: 3]

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Article Feedback:

Kay Z King : 1st October 2011, 19:09

Sounded like a good day Mike.
James Kinnear : 27th September 2011, 10:21

This sounds like a great success! I look forward ot seeing this picture some time soon!
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 26th September 2011, 16:50

Another great seminar....
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