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UK ITF Scotland Region 1 Kup Grading
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On Sunday 3rd April, 11 UK ITF Scotland Region 1 students put their skills to the test in the first Kup grading of the year.
Mr Scott’s Queen Margaret University club were pleased to welcome UK ITF President Master Trevor Nicholls (VIII Dan) and Miss Laurie Cornwell (IV Dan) who travelled up from London to officiate at the grading and to conduct some training with Mr Scott and Mr Mullin afterwards.
With the added pressure of grading in front of Master Nicholls, everyone was extremely nervous, not sure how the grading would differ from what we had previously encountered.
The grading kicked off with Mr Scott introducing Master Nicholls, Miss Cornwell and Mr Mullin. Master Nicholls then took the the floor to offer words of encouragement and advice for the grading. He stressed that it is important that students do not compare themselves to other students at similar grades, but to strive to be the best student we can be, regardless of how we compare to others.
Master Nicholls’ words of encouragement helped to settle the nerves of most students and the grading commenced with a brief warm-up. Each student was then put through a series of tests associated with their grade, ranging from fundamental movement drills up and down the hall, patterns, self-defence combinations, kicking patterns, 3-step sparring, 1-step sparring and of course, everyone’s favourite part – theory questions!
The two hour grading seemed to fly by with each of the 11 students giving 100% in each aspect of the grading.
Once the grading had concluded, Master Nicholls advised each student had successfully passed the grading and passed on his congratulations.
Congratulations to the following successful students.
Mark Robinson – promoted to 1st Kup
Lynsey Hope – promoted to 1st Kup
Chris Devine – promoted to 4th Kup
James Jappy – promoted to 5th Kup
Kirsty Mackenzie – promoted to 5th Kup
Struan Mackenzie – promoted to 5th Kup
Melanie Gallacher – promoted to 6th Kup
Morgan Muir – promoted to 6th Kup
Tommy Fallon – promoted to 8th Kup
Jamie Rodgers – promoted to 9th Kup
Brad Holleron – promoted to 9th Kup

Written by: Christopher Devine - 7th May 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Peter R Scott ( UK ITF) : 24th May 2011, 17:33

Great article Chris
Michael Carr : 8th May 2011, 13:02

sounds like a great day! congratulations!
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