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Master Nicholls Seminar & Championship of taekwon-do ITF - Greece
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Master nicholls, the general secretary of the international taekwon-do (ITF) Federation left from our city impressed by the seminar on the techniques of ITF taekwon-do. That was held at the margarona hotel on saturday 9 april, the perfect organization of the sports event at the stadium of preveza on sunday 10 april, the massivity, the high level of the athletes, as well as by the hospitality that he was offered by our fellow-citizens and the beauties of our city and the surrounding area.

Being familiar with history, he showed great interest in our ancient monuments. During his meeting with the mayor of preveza and the vice-mayors he exchanged plaques as it is accustomed. Moreover, the mayor Mr. Christos Bailis and Mr. Perilkis Vasilakis, special sports consultant representing the minister of culture and tourism Mr. Nikitiadis, were awarded by the international taekwon-do federation with the honor of 1 dan for their multiannual help to the sport.

Clubs from abroad, Italy, Albania, Fyrom, Great Britain and others from Greece, as well as great representatives of greek and international taekwon-do like master Kosmoglou with his athletes honored the sport event by their presence and participation.

Mr. Georgios Sariannidis, president of the greek federation of fighting sports, was also present at the sport event. We would like to thank him and the federation in general for their contribution to the open championship.

On saturday 9 April, the seafront of preveza was full of athletes during their break from the seminar giving their liveliness. They had their lunch, relaxed with a cup of coffee and went shopping at the market.

The cultural department of efkleas taekwon-do gave out to the greek and foreign athletes and coaches advertising leaflets with dvds showing the beauties of our area in order to promote it. Eflekas taekwon-do club had done the same thing as an ambassador of our prefecture during the international taekwon-do championship in south korea in 2010 where the club’s athletes participated through the hellenic association taekwondo. There, we gave out leaflets promoting our area to the teams of many countries.

As many of our fellow-citizens comment, we can say a great bravo to this club for its athletic and cultural contribution to the promotion of our area through the great games that manages to organize in out city like the panhellinic championship and the european open championship.

Mr. Aggelos Soldatos, president of the coordinative committee of the hellenic association taekwon-do efkleas and Mr. Georgios Lahanas, president of the efkleas taekwon-do club were asked about their next plans and they answered that they are going to claim a formal european championship to be held in preveza and an international championship to be held in Thessaloniki.

They also stressed that they warmly thank for their support the ministry of culture and tourism, the municipality of preveza, the prefecture of preveza, preveza’s chamber of commerce, the office of sports, the sponsors prevere café, elvis café-tost, aktia café, kitsios furniture as well as all our fellow-citizens for their contribution.

Written by: Mr. Aggelos Soldatos - 21st April 2011
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 21st April 2011, 15:02

Thank you to our friends in Greece for a great article and pictures
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