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On Saturday 26th March, Senior Coach Mrs. Leanne Gassor-Jones met with 23 people at The Martial Arts and Fitness Centre to make their way to Bristol Airport.  The 11 competitors representing Gassor’s Tournament Team were already feeling excited and were looking forward to their journey to compete in the Scottish Championships in Mortherwell, Scotland. 

After checking in at Bristol Airport Team members had a bit of fun in the duty-free shops and the boys were very happy to proudly pose for the camera in items from Claire’s accessories!! After a few giggles and a safe and pleasant flight, Team members landed in Glasgow airport and made their way to the Premier Inn, Motherwell. 

On route to the hotel Mrs.Gassor-Jones suggested going to the local theme park Strathclyde…….so, after speaking nicely to the driver they quickly dropped their bags off at the hotel and made their way for a fun packed afternoon at Strathclyde where they went on rollercoasters, water rides etc.  Surely the adrenaline pumping through their bodies would add to the excitement for the Tournament the following day.  After a few healthy snacks (does candyfloss, Icecreams, Sweets and Chocolates count?) the team made their way back to the hotel.

Mrs. Gassor-Jones organised for the team to have a meal together at the Newhouse restaurant next door to the Hotel and the team were treated to meals from the Gassor’s Tournament Team fundraising fund.  The team then made their way back to their rooms about 10pm for a good nights sleep as it was going to be an early start ready for the Scottish Championships in the morning.

The team met for breakfast at 8am.  They were then picked up from the Hotel and travelled by coach to the Scottish Championships held at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell.   On arrival the team were very impressed with the modern newly built venue.

The team really enjoyed the well organised day and came away with the following medal results:

Talisha Samules - Gold (Scottish Champion)
Liam Rossiter - Gold (Scottish Champion)
Taylor Baldwin - Gold (Scottish Champion)
Samuel Taylor - Silver
James Shaw - Silver
Jack Powell - Silver
Luke Fernandes - Bronze

Talisha Samules - Silver
Tony Fernandes - Silver
Ayrton Mullins - Silver
Ethan Seivwright - Bronze

Talisha Samules - Gold (Scottish Champion)
Liam Rossiter - Bronze

Mrs. Gassor-Jones would like to thank team members and parents for their time, effort and expenditure for travelling to the Scottish Championships and for supporting and representing their team and Club so well.  Mrs.Gassor-Jones would also like to say a thank you to Mr Peter R Scott, Instructors and umpires for a well organised and friendly Tournament.  Gassor’s Tournament Team are already really looking forward to next years event! J

Written by: Miss Emma Gassor - 1st April 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Christopher Devine : 1st April 2011, 13:06

Well done to all! Thanks for making the journey and contributing to the competitions success. See you all next year :)
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 1st April 2011, 12:23

Well done all. Any pictures?
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