Richards TKD Region 4 at the Welsh Championships
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At 4pm Saturday 26.2.11 the Cornish crew left Cornwall bound for Newport and what should have been a nice relaxing night in a hotel prior to the competition the following day, however a large group of cheerleaders, also staying at the hotel, put paid to that and sleep was in short supply !!!!
After a good breakfast it was time to travel the 20 miles to Penarth to see what the day ahead would bring, as we arrived at the leisure centre it was apparent it was going to be a long and busy day.

The competition got underway at 9.30 with the black belt divisions and time for the competitors to do their stuff , as the morning progressed and the medals began to mount up I began to feel that all the hard work, both from our students and ourselves, was well worth it.
After the black belt pattern divisions had been completed we had an impressive tally of 8 medals from 10 competitors, so onto the sparring and the medal haul continued to grow with another 9 medals added by the end of the sparring divisions.

Time for the coloured belts to perform and yet more success with the 3 students collecting another 6 medals towards the overall tally of 23 medals from 15 students which we were delighted with as the standard was, as always, very high .

We left the leisure centre at 9pm heading for KFC at Gordano services, and a chance to reflect on the days events.

Well done to all our students who took part with a special mention to all the parents who made the trip to add their support and to Tracey Everett, one of the mums who very kindly spent a lot of the day doing paperwork on the table.


Ben Richards: Bronze sparring
Sam Richards: Silver patterns, bronze sparring
Tom Rawling: Gold patterns, silver sparring
Adam Everett: Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Bethany Martin: Silver patterns, silver sparring
Jamie Martin: Bronze patterns
Olivia Frazer: Silver patterns, silver sparring
Leah Powell: Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Zara Worton: Gold sparring
Josh Worton: Bronze patterns, bronze sparring
Kimberley James: Gold patterns
Kevin Everett: Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Jake Thomas: Bronze sparring
Robyn Hough: Bronze patterns, gold sparring.

To end a special thank you to UKITF Wales for a competition to remember and to all the masters who give up so much of  their time to ensure the smooth running of events like these. Scotland here we come !


Written by: Mark Richards - 4th March 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Peter R Scott ( UK ITF) : 15th March 2011, 13:18

Good report, excellent medal haul.

We look forward to seeing you in Scotland soon!
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 4th March 2011, 11:32

Well done all!
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