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Mediterranean Open Championships 2011
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Mediterranean Open Championships 2011

On the 30th January UK ITF South East travelled to Sardinia for the Mediterranean Open. Hopes were high as this was the first time that the Cadet Squad has travelled with the region. The team settled into the hotel and it was early to bed for an early start on Sunday morning.
The day started off with the adult Black Belt patterns and the medal tally for the region started to roll especially as Matthew Brunger and Gav Sidhu met each other in the final. Next up were the junior Black Belt patterns and again the medal total was going up fast with Gurlaine Sidhu winning her category. Ryan Hamdy kept the flag flying for the adult colour belts as he came 3rd in his patterns.

To everyone’s surprise it was then onto the Black Belt sparring. This left our cadet squad hungry for their own competition but impressed by the performance of their seniors. Once again, Matthew Brunger and Gav Sidhu met each other in the final and so did Prit Sidhu and Laurie Cornwell. Jamie McAvoy fought above his weight category and took the gold medal despite being knocked out by what can only be described as a budding gymnast. Luke Dempsey and Jay Gilbert gave it their all and both gained 3rd place. Ryan Hamdy also fought well in his category to gain 2nd place.

 It took a long time for it to be the turn of the cadets but when they were called up what a performance! Aaron Mather got through his first round of patterns but was piqued to the post in the second. Kyus Martin and Harry Evans both tried hard but were unable to impress the judges. Jason Morrison performed excellently and came away with 2nd in his category and Harry Hetherington took home the Bronze.

Then it was more waiting for our cadets as it seemed that every group sparred apart from them. Finally, cometh the hour! Kyus Martin fought to the dying seconds despite being knocked to the floor and achieved 3rd place in his category. Harry Evans worked well around the ring but was beaten to 3rd place by the eventual winner of his category from Spain. Aaron Mather floated like the proverbial butterfly into the final but was unfortunately beaten in the final few seconds. Jason Morrison also achieved a well deserved 2nd place, again just being beaten in the final few seconds. Harry Hetherington breezed through his category taking 1st place with ease.
Overall, the South East region had a well deserved result over the weekend.

All participants brought a medal home and the cadet squad brought not only medals but proud parents and instructors too. Well done South East region, another good job.

South East Medal Tally

Name Patterns Division Sparring Division Team
Laurie Cornwell Bronze 3rd - 5th Degree Gold <65 kg  
Gavinder Sidhu Silver 3rd - 5th Degree Silver <76 kg Gold
Matt Brunger Gold 3rd - 5th Degree Gold <76 kg Gold
Jamie McAvoy     Gold <64 kg  
Luke Dempsey     Bronze  <70 kg  
Prit Sidhu     Silver <65kg  
Gurlaine Sidhu Gold 1st - 2nd Degree Gold <55 kg  
Jay Gilbert     Bronze <60 kg  
Ryan Hamdy Bronze 6th - 4th Kup Silver <64 kg  
Harry Evans     Bronze Cadet  
Harry Hetherington Bronze 6th - 4th Kup Gold Cadet  
Kyus Martin     Bronze Cadet  
Jason Morrison Silver 4th - 1st Kup Silver Cadet  
Aaron Mather     Silver Cadet  


Written by: Jamie McAvoy - 4th February 2011
[Comments: 3]

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Article Feedback:

Wendy Ann Richards ( UK ITF) : 10th February 2011, 17:15

Excellent article, great photos. It was a really good weekend, well done all.
Laurie Cornwell ( UK ITF) : 4th February 2011, 18:35

A well written article, well done Jamie?
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 4th February 2011, 16:10

Nice one Region 1 :-)
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