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This event was organized by Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. already for third time. Most of the participants from longer distance like Italy, Australia, Germany and England, arrived already on Friday, the 14.January and so many languages were heard in Znojmo on this evening. Students impatiently expected next day and were looking forward to meet with other at collective training with the aim to become more educated and improve their own knowledge in this modern and traditional Korean martial art.

On Saturday morning, students met in Dojang and also groups from Slovakia, Croatia and Austria joined them. At 10:00AM punctually, Master Trevor Nicholls entered the Dojang and was greeted by massed parade. And so, the two day seminar started.

In first part, basic techniques were practiced with emphasis on using hips, body weight, natural motion and implementing all to one continuous wave motion. After lunch, participants had to show their persistence whilst practicing kicks on training pads. We have learned more about different kicks application and performance both in individual kicks and patterns. All the time, Master Glenn Horan VI.Dan from England, was close to Master Nicholls and performed excellent all techniques to show us the proper way. Based on our questions, differences between Yop Chagi and Dwit Chagi we explained and practiced. The day was finished by practicing Patterns from Tong-Il to Po-Eun.

In the evening, participants visited wine cellar where small tour and wine tasting of typical regional wines was arranged.  Because of demanding day and also expectations of next training, the evening was finished around 10:00PM and all left to draw power for next day.

Sunday, the 16.1. 2011, for sure was not a regular day. Except to third block of the Taekwon-Do Seminar for black belts only, it was also the day of higher Dan degree exams.  The Dojang was full with black belts and at 10:00 AM on time, greeted Master Nicholls. All morning was dedicated to patterns exercises. Many questions connected to proper understanding of individual techniques appeared on that day and Master Nicholls took time to answer all properly. Unfortunately, the German group had to leave to get their flight home, so we said goodbye to Master Olaf Braemer VI.Dan current World Champion from last World cup in Korea, and his team. I have to say, that Master Braemer with his excellent techniques was perfect example for many of participants and deserves our appreciation. Master Nicholls used this occasion and explained that everyone and also such an expert like Mr. Braemer, needs his teacher to be able to improve his abilities and opinion.  In conclusion, all participants were informed that Taekwon-Do community and it´ s principles would not be consistent and powerful without regular meetings and friendships among different countries and traditions.  Then, the Seminar was officially finished.

But the day was not over for those who had to attend exams for higher black belts. 10 students from Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association applied for exam. After more than 3 hours of proper testing, the final result was declared by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan, Secretary General of Taekwon-Do I.T.F.  All student promoted successfully and so Czech Association gained new seven II.Dan degree, two III.Dan degree and one IV.Dan degree.
Taking this occasion, allow me, on behalf of Czech I.T.F. Association as well as all participants, to express deep thanks to Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan for excellent Seminar. It was great experience and we had chance to improve our skills, to share opinion and also to get fresh motivation for training.
Thanks belong also to all groups from different countries for pleasant and friendly time spent together.

Hopefully, we all will continue this tradition and meet at the next seminar in Czech republic in 2012.

Written by: František Macek - 28th January 2011
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 1st February 2011, 08:37

Another great seminar!
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