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Master Nicholls Seminar in Cornwall
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On the 10th December Master Nicholls once again travelled down to Cornwall to hold a seminar to raise funds for the region, and ,as always it was eagerly awaited by us all.

First on the agenda was a training session for the 4th dans in which Master Nicholls went through our patterns and answered all our questions on technical issues which was very much appreciated, and all too soon our session was over and the rest of the black belts joined us for what was to be a very informative and enjoyable training session. Master Nicholls made sure that we were all at ease, no matter  our age or abilities he is always careful to tailor everything so that any of us can benefit from his knowledge.

We started with ensuring that we get the most from the natural waist twist with drill work with various techniques and then moved on to perfecting each kick that we do. He used the front kick to start with and after much practising we were beginning to understand how to maximise the power that this generates.
Then the turning kick came under scrutiny and how the turning kick changes when the target position is changed , for example, how the position we start to kick is different for power breaking than for patterns. We then moved on to the position of the supporting foot for each of the kicks (front, side and turning) , and how important it is to know where the foot has to be in order to deliver the kick effectively.

We then broke for lunch( kindly made for us by Sam with some help from Mr R ! ) .

Then the coloured belts arrived and Master Nicholls continued the theme of kicking with them, explaining the importance of the position of the supporting foot and body posture.

The day flew by and everyone really enjoyed themselves, we owe a huge thank you to Master Nicholls for an inspiring and informative seminar and I know that we all appreciate his time and dedication.

Written by: Wendy Ann Richards - 10th January 2011
[Comments: 2]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Richards (Richards TKD - St Austell) : 14th January 2011, 08:57

1st class seminar,a good time was had by all
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 10th January 2011, 15:31

Nice article great group shot. Congrats!
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