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U.T.A. Seminar with Master Nicholls, 27st November 2010, Stevenage
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The day started with members of the UTA committee arriving at 11:30 to setup the hall before the arrival of the students and Master Nicholls VIII.
All the students were allowed into the hall at 12:30 and they were all promptly lined up by 12:50.
Mr Horan VI gave a brief outlay of what to expect through the day and a quick lesson and reminder on the etiquette expected by all students and instructors.
Master Nicholls VIII arrived at 13:00.

The Seminar:
The seminar started with Master Nicholls VIII explaining the different ways in teaching or instructing and, after a quick warm up from Mr. Miles V, Master Nicholls VIII carried this on with a basic punching exercise, similar to Saju Jirugi. This gradually moved into the utilization of the body’s natural movements, by emphasizing the coordination and timing of the punch, breath control and body movement.
Master Nicholls VIII then talked about the sign wave not really being a sine wave but a Taekwondo movement, General Choi only used the term sine wave as the best translation he could think of in English. Master Nicholls VIII then talked about the fluidity of motion between movements, one movement leading into the next to maintain momentum.  We especially made use of turning to emphasise incorporating the additional energy created within the turn into the final technique after the turn.
For understanding of technique we performed high punch using the back foot to urge us forwards into the technique to try and show how all the body should be working in unison to create power. Master Nicholls VIII talked about everything finishing at the same time and for the lower grades to concentrate especially on hands and feet in relation to this.
Master Nicholls VIII talked about putting your whole foot down evenly when moving forwards so as not to create a push back motion, at the very least the ball slightly first but not the heal and reminded us that we use the ball of the foot for pivoting and never the heel. We should also all remember that we do not step completely flat footed, it is not possible stepping backwards.
We were then all performing alternating left then right techniques to even out the differences between them, in relation to kicks Master Nicholls VIII stated that it would be best to reduce the height of our favoured leg until the other caught up rather than adjust the technique of our lesser leg to match the good one in height.
We all performed these exercises up and down the Dojang and a little pad work was introduced for front snap kick. We all carried this out and after a short time it became evident how difficult it can be to improve techniques.

At the end of the seminar, Master Nicholls VIII was presented with a token of thanks by Mr. Horan VI on behalf of the U.T.A. for his time and dedication to Taekwondo.
The U.T.A. Banquet – Master Nicholls VIII as Guest:

The UTA held a celebratory banquet in the evening, which Master Nicholls VIII attended,  Mr Horan VI spoke about the achievements of the UTA in relation to the world championships and the professional attitude our association has shown over the years.
Master Nicholls VIII then stood to the microphone and spoke about his dealings with the U.T.A. and he hoped for a long and successful future for the U.T.A. Master Nicholls VIII then announced the results of the days grading of Ms Gloria Williams and Mr. Darrin Bonfield who both passed! They were also both asked to say a few words. Congratulations from the UTA to you both.

In response Mr Horan VI thanked the current and former members of the UTA committee.

The evening concluded with a disco and a celebration for Ms Gloria Williams V and Mr Darrin Bonfield V.

Best Regards to all, see you all at the next event!

Written by: Mr Steve Fletcher III - UTA PR Officer - 15th December 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 15th December 2010, 11:18

Great article with nice pictures. Looks like the event was a huge success.
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