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Imperial Team Championships - Thornbury, Bristol
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On Saturday 22nd May our 83 seater coach pulled into the Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, Newport, South Wales to begin our journey to the Imperial Taekwon-do Championships.  Our full coach of 13 Teams (34 fighters) and Friends and family set off on our journey to the Tournament held at Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol  On the coach the Teamís senior Coach Mrs.Leanne Gassor-Jones kept everyone happy with videos and a Taekwon-do quiz and crossword to pass the time.  All the team members, family and friends had a very enjoyable day, not only with the competition but also by making many different friends with other students from other Imperial Taekwon-do schools.  All the fighters performed well with Gassorís Taekwon-do coming away with 35 medals and came 2nd place overall. 

Gassorís Taekwon-do Medal winners were:

* Luke Fernandes - Gold Patterns & Bronze Sparring
* Tomos Sharwood - Gold Sparring & Silver Patterns
* Talisha Samuels - Gold Sparring & Bronze Patterns
* Karl Nielsen - Gold Sparring
* Tim Porter - Gold Sparring
* Gavin Waite - Gold Sparring
* Jack Powell - Gold Sparring
* Ethan Frayling - Gold Sparring
* Rhys Thomas - Gold Sparring
* Louis Gowing - Gold Sparring
* Jack Heybyrne - Gold Sparring
* Taylor Baldwin - Gold Sparring
* Arron Rose - Gold Sparring
* Mark Sharwood - Gold Sparring
* Mathew Benford - Gold Sparring
* Dana McAvoy - Silver Sparring & Silver Patterns
* Lewis Slocombe - Silver Sparring & Bronze Patterns
* Gwyn Blackmore - Silver Sparring & Bronze Patterns
* Sam Taylor - Silver Sparring & Bronze Patterns
* Emma Peart - Silver Sparring
* Chanelle Frayling - Silver Sparring
* Shannon Frayling - Silver Sparring
* Alex Gould - Silver Sparring
* Connor Sweeting - Silver Sparring
* Lewis Hatchard - Silver Sparring
* Leah Voyce - Silver Sparring
* Emma Bird - Bronze Sparring & Bronze Patterns

A Big well done too to the following students for a great effort: Jason Osborn, Rhys Meredith, Michael Williams, Liam Rossiter, Alan Wilkinson, Nathan Watts & Luke Yhnell who all performed well.

Many thanks for Miss. Kerry Burridge for our invitation to the Tournament. Gassorís Taekwon-do are looking forward to the next Tournament.

Written by: Emma Gassor - 26th May 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 2nd June 2010, 14:46

Thanks for the info, shame i missed it. Got to have a holiday some time :-)
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