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The innaugural BDTKD Fight Night held to celebrate Blue Dragon''s 5th Birthday took place on Saturday 10th April at Winsford Lifestyle Centre, Cheshire''s newest sports and leisure centre.

Fighters travelled from all over the UK to compete against one another for medals and the top prize of "Fighter of the Night".

In all there were 16 blood and guts bouts split between adults and juniors with grades ranging from 9th Kup all the way up to 4th Degree Black Belt,  with Mr Mark Skyrme 6th Degree Black Belt, and Chairman of the Imperial Taekwon-Do Association Tournament and Umpires Committee acting as centre refferee for every bout. The corner judges were able to score the fights "live" using the electronic scoring system, with the scores projected onto the huge cinema screen.

Each fighter was announced as they entered to their choice of theme music, and were given a military escort onto the floodlit mats by Winsford Sea Cadets.

The medals were presented to the fighters by Master Trevor Nicholls - 8th Degree, President of Imperial TKD Association and Secretary General of the ITF, and Master Paul Liversidge - 8th Degree of Leeds Thomas Danby TKD. Master Nicholls also chose and presented the Fighter of the Night trophy to Blue Dragon Winsford''s very own Emily Oakes for her outstanding effort.

The full results:

Bout 1: GOLD Sam McNee (Shaftesbury TKD) v SILVER Connor Rathbone (BDTKD)
Bout 2: GOLD Beck Robertson (BDTKD Northwich) v SILVER Craig Jones (BDTKD Winsford)
Bout 3: GOLD Rhys Morgan (BDTKD) v SILVER Deacon Jardine (Crewe GTI)
Bout 4: GOLD Emily Oakes (BDTKD) v SILVER George Roe (BDTKD)
Bout 5: GOLD Harry Lowe (BDTKD) v SILVER Michael Prins (Shaftesbury TKD)
Bout 6: GOLD Leah Banks (BDTKD Winsford) v SILVER Nicole Kettle (BDTKD Northwich)
Bout 7: GOLD Lyndsay Walkinshaw (BDTKD) v SILVER Kelly McNee (Shaftesbury TKD)
Bout 8: GOLD Shaun Jardine (Crewe GTI) v SILVER Dave Salmon (BDTKD)
Bout 9: GOLD Andy Cooper (BDTKD) v SILVER Paul Chrimes (BDTKD)
Bout 10: GOLD Chris Devine (QMU TKD Imperial Scotland) v SILVER Scott Moulton (CREWE GTI)
Bout 11: GOLD Dave Holstead (Crewe GTI) v SILVER Blair Long (East Northants TAGB)
Bout 12: GOLD Keyno (Imperial Region 1) v SILVER Ady Prins (Shaftesbury TKD)
Bout 13: GOLD Lynsey Hope (QMU TKD Imperial Scotland) v SILVER Laura Renshaw (BDTKD)
Bout 14: GOLD James Kinnear (BDTKD Northwich) v SILVER Gavin Dineley (BDTKD Winsford)
Bout 15: GOLD Des Harkin (Ayrshire TKD Imperial Scotland) v SILVER Geoff Bulfin (BDTKD)
Bout 16: GOLD Matthew Brunger (Imperial Region 1) v SILVER Peter Scott (QMU TKD Imperial Scotland)

Photos courtesy and copyright of BKE Photographics

Written by: Al Walkinshaw - 15th April 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Christopher Devine : 26th April 2010, 12:51

Excellent night. Well done to Blue Dragon Taekwon-Do and Mr Walkinshaw for such a successful night. Hopefully this kind of competition can grow from strength to strength and help promote Taekwon-Do. Hope to be there (minus car troubles) next year! :)
Peter R Scott ( UK ITF) : 22nd April 2010, 21:53

Excellent event and was fantastic to be a part of it. The lighting, music and fight times made the competition very professional.
: 17th April 2010, 23:50

Brilliant concept and congratulations on a very successful event. Maybe we may make the next one!
Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 16th April 2010, 09:09

Great night, look forward to next years!
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