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Imperial Region 5 Black Belt and Squad Training Sessions
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Imperial Region 5 enjoyed a superb regional black belt training session followed by a regional squad training session on April 11th.  This was the first time the new region met formally, with Master Wood VII and his senior instructors including V Degree Mr Kerry Wilson, and students travelling from Nottingham to the venue in Oadby, Leicester.  Dr Hayley Parker V also raced down the M6  to join us directly from the Blue Dragon Fight Night in Cheshire the previous evening.


As hosting instructors, Mr Les Baker V and myself were privileged to train with so many knowledgeable instructors and to have the opportunity to exchange opinions and thrash around some ideas and techniques.


Both Dr Parker and Master Wood started the session with some good warm up and strength / stretching techniques – my abs are currently recovering from a particularly intense jumping plank type exercise (see Master Wood for further details!) which I shall very soon adapt as a punishment for a select few.  I personally appreciated some of Master Wood’s yoga based stretches – just my sort of thing.


Dr Parker then took us all through a traditional Tul session and we all appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and discuss a few updates.


The time passed all too quickly and after a short break Master Wood took us through some very interesting self defence techniques, assisted by his senior instructors, before Hayley Parker took us through some sparring drills, utilising target pads and then applying those techniques in a sparring situation.  Was it intimidating being partnered with Mr Kerry Wilson? – yes – but also very valuable experience.


All in all this was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring afternoon.  Many thanks go to Master Wood and Dr Parker for sharing their expertise and experience with us all.  Our next session is on Sunday 18th April at Parklands Leisure Centre, Oadby, Leicester. 


Krystyna Sargent V Degree

Written by: Krystyna Sargent - 14th April 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 15th April 2010, 09:58

Looks like a very enjoyable session :-)
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