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1st Midlands West regional training
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Sunday 7th February saw the very first regional training session for Midlands West,
ran by Dr Hayley Parker V Degree.

The session was attended well by nearly 30 students ranging from white belt to 2nd Dan - in the Shaftesbury Youth Club. Participants including members of Shaftesbury TKD, Blue Dragon TKD and some of Dr Parkers students (Mr Andrew Lawrence I, Mrs Hayley Smyth 1st Kup, Miss Danielle Smyth 4th kup - thanks for coming guys!). We began with a friendly introduction and got our joints warmed up for what turned out to be a 3 hour TKD extravaganza!

Most of the participants were unfamiliar with the "Sabang Hyung" self defence combinations, so as we were introduced to the first 6 combinations it was an excellent experience to break out of the traditional movements and let loose on performing the techniques full power but in a different kind of way!

Wasting no time, Dr Parker swiftly moved on and took our legs through the paces as we focused on the kicking combinations, as well as kicking bags full power without a run up - forcing the students to really accelerate their movements and drive their weight forwards into the kick. This was great fun for the kicker''s, i''m sure the people holding the bags enjoyed it as well!!
The class was then split, and Mrs Hayley Smyth 1st Kup took the beginners through tul. Meanwhile the majority of the group stayed with Dr Parker and focused on correcting common errors in tul.

To bring the lesson to a close, Dr Parker gave us a final blast of kicks and other exersizes to do in pairs - It was safe to say most of us had learned a great deal and took a lot away from the lesson, we look forward to the next one!
Many thanks to Dr Parker and all students who attended!

*Note - photos are not from session, but are pictures of some of those who attended

Written by: Mike Carr - 8th February 2010
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 26th March 2010, 11:22

Great job Hayley
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