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Master Nicholls in Amsterdam 2009
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On Saturday 19th September, the NTA organized a seminar led by the secretary general from the ITF Mr. Trevor Nicholls. Master Nicholls, who originates from England, is an 8th degree.

The seminar was held in Hotel Schiphol in Hoofddorp, a perfect location for the seminar. Master Nicholls and his assistants, Mark Skyrme ( 6th degree ), and Yogi Chand ( 5th degree ), arrived on the Friday in Schiphol. These gentlemen who come from London, were met by Master Steve Zondag.

The room where the seminar took place, was totally filled with approximately ninety participants, coming from ten different countries. Countries represented were:- Germany, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Italy, Croatia, Wales, Ireland, Spain, and Holland.

Due to Master Trevor Nicholls extremely enthusiastic well conveyed speech, participants understood fully the importance of respect for one another, training together, helping to motivate one another, and above all, the goals of technique in " DAMAGE ".

Moving on, Master Trevor Nicholls chose a different approach to work on concerning the order of Tuls. Normally speaking, the lower Tuls, working up to the higher Tuls would be addressed first. Hereby came the difference of method. The higher dans performed first Tong - IL, taking it step by step, leading up to working at individual pace.

Certain aspects of Tong - IL were worked and practiced upon by the whole group. Do - San was next in line, exercised by the lower belts under the supervision of Master Brown. The higher degree dans then watched how the " cubs " performed. There were a variety of excersises practiced consisting of Tuls, free movements from Tuls, and also with buffers ( cushions ).

The excersises with the cushion were explained as an excersise of "NO RETURN ". This technique of "NO RETURN " means that the person who is defending himself, then causes damage to the attacker, and is therefore considered as a defensive attack.

We commenced further after a lunch break at 1.30pm.

Master Trevor Nicholls explained to the group that the practise of Taekwon-Do should be performed in a relaxed state of mind. Every technique must be convincingly done without any traumatization to the body. In other words, enjoy the technique of Taekwon-Do in all it's facets.

Under the supervision of Master Trevor Nicholls we all experienced a very instructive and informative session. The International meeting began at

From onwards, an invited group from the seminar enjoyed a delicious dinner.

In retrospect, we can look back on a very successful seminar, and is a "must " for a repetition in the future.

Paul van Beersum

Netherlands Taekwon-do Association

INO 95

Written by: Paul van Beersum - 15th October 2009
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

Mark Skyrme ( UK ITF) : 26th March 2010, 11:32

Wow what a trip, you guys made us feel at home. Thank you for hosting such a spectacular event
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