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Master Nicholls in Ethiopia
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The Ethiopian Tae kwon-do Association had extended an invitation on to ITF Secretary General the honorable master Trevor Nicholls in order to promote the ITF of our country. He entered Bole Airport with three instructors on   April 23 2009.

Those who were waiting for him, ETA members, 35 instructors and three governmental representatives including the Ethiopian media in all and Tae kwon-do students presented flowers and performed a warm welcome.

Thereafter directly going to the hotel, without being hampered by the long travel that he made from London to Ethiopia and after a stay of 30 minutes he went directly to Addis Ababa gym to commence the training.

As 200 trainees were eagerly waiting in the gym, when they saw him ,  they received him with applause. In a short speech,  master   Trevor Nicholls expressed that ITF has high respects for ETA and to get the correct ITF he said they are following the son of General Choi Hong Hi.

Our   president Stated that he  is going to train the recently created improvement and explaining the personality of the selected professionals who came with him and he introduced himself. Presenting thanks to the father of Ethiopian Tae kwon-do Sabum Kiros G/meskel, he want directly to the training.

In order to asses the procedure that exist on the training, he started from fundamental working condition and starting from what he had seen. Without being overcome with tiredness and heat of his travel with great zeal and need, each technical situation with deep concentration and beginning from CHON-JI he began ton give pattern correction. After a limited lunch time the training continued in the afternoon up to the evening.

After the completion of the training without sleeping for 20 hours without tired, he went to have a meeting with the Mayer of Addis Ababa city, the capital of Ethiopia, and the Addis Ababa youth and sport ministers tot discuss about ITF and they reached on some main topics. Both sides of the party were happy about the discussion. In this situation that was tiresome the April 23 2009 program was concluded.


April 24-2009

In a manner that surprised the Ethiopian Tae kwon-do members in good initiative and want, beginning from CHON-JI using the high situation accumulated and method of training, he continued the instructing in deep manner.

Since the members were following the procedure of work that is out of true technical activities, he told them that the truth was what was created by General Choi Hong Hi and transferred to his son. He performed this with his selected assistants and by showing he corrected us with diligence. All of us were happy to obtain the correct Tae kwon-do from its source. We continued working. We also learned from master Trevor power of how we can reflect what we have inside.

The great master was surprised by the change shown by the trainees and encouraged them. The training continued in the afternoon and  master Trevor and Sabum Kiros went to the British Embassy and the office of the Prime Minister. After their return,  the  training continued. Every person was attracted by the training and was working. They had forgotten that time had passed. When it was announced that time was over many persons were upset; it shows that the training given was so immersing.

Finally, after teaching the deep and mysterious theory of Tae kwon-do  to the students, saying that we are able to know all this being with master Choi, he declared that the training was finished.

On the same day being with our founder and anther instructors, he visited the Ethiopian traditional restaurant and music. In this manner we passed unforgettable evening with Master other admirable instructors.


 April 25-2009

In the morning he trained beginning from HWA-RANG to UL-JI and conducted deep and high exercises to be performed. He told us that the   correct performance was  being given all over the world by the great Master, ITF presidentís son of the founder of Tae kwon-do. he too stated that the admirable English instructors were trained by our president.

He taught us that TAE KWON-DO is  a part of life that we have to practice every time. Giving reply to some question that were presented to him having responded in satisfactory situation, he pleased all.

After lunch he performed examination for 75 individuals. The rest of the examination types were postponed to Sunday 26-2009.


In the morning the team visited the Ethiopian National Museum. After visiting,  they realized that Ethiopia is a birth place man kind, the Axumite civilization had contributed to the world civilization. Apart from this, he visited special traditional and animal species available only in Ethiopia.

In the afternoon the team observed the competition of Ethiopian Tea kwon-do association and in front of 1200 people who were present on the day, master Trevor examined for 4th  Dan  to three men and the father of Ethiopian Tae kwon-do Sabum  Kiros he promoted him to 6th Dan. In the examination pattern and broken looking were included.

Finally the three instructors from UK awarded medals for those competed on the day and  then   our  master conducted a cup award as well. Master Trevor presented the ITF Black prize to Sabum Kiros for his contribution and expressed his happiness fir his stay and   he also stressed that the students whose he had seen were pride to ITF. He promised that he would come back and bed for well to the pubic with love and politeness.

In the evening master gave  a dinner party to members and finally he expressed his feeling in which all member felt that a great family member had separated. for  this three days and 17 hours he was training us tirelessly.

They showed us of how the correct ITF works, ho w power could be created, of how our pattern works and kicks could be changed to self defense, of how we can lead life in detail, how we can respect the fundamental Tae kwon-do rules, how we can implement in our lives the meaning of the belt we obtained, how we have to respect one another . we learned all these matters. The masterís each and every step was education. Through him and his team, he showed us love.

Thanks to the person who made great contribution for the promotion of this art and helped us to learn the art from the correct place-Sabum Kiros G/Meskel and thanks to ITF and our master Trevor with his team

Now we are available on the right position. We are prepared to learn the next lesson.

Master Trevor always says NO SUCH THING AS A BAD STUDENT ONLY A BAD INSTRUCTOR; yes master you truly say what is right.

Written by: Solomon Aytegeb - 28th April 2009

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