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Master Nicholls in the Czech Republic
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Master Trevor Nicholls  arrived according to invitation of CTA on Saturday at 13:35 on Vienna Swechat airport where he was welcomed by representatives of CTA ITF  Mr. Frantisek Macek and Mr. Jan Prochazka. After on-coming and check in at the Prestige Hotel, for small lunch was arranged in Althan palace restaurant.

After the lunch transit to gym in private high school of economics was made, where already 19 students and trainees from TKD ITF School  So-San Znojmo, Hwa-Rang Jevisovice and Do-San Sumna looked forward to the Seminar. Master Trevor Nicholls , after welcoming all participants, entered on 3 hour seminar, where all basic techniques and kicks so important for Taekwon-Do practise, were exercised.  Furthermore, Tul patterns were practised properly up to III. Master degree. At the end of the seminar, master Nicholls thanked for invitation to Znojmo and wished to the students all best for Sunday exams.

After finishing the seminar in the evening, Master Nicholls took an impressive walk through the old Znojmo downtown. Znojmo  used to be royal town in medieval ages and therefore offers lot of interesting sightseeing. The evening was concluded by dinner in Althan palace restaurant, where also organisational issues were discussed.

On the next day at 9:00AM, exams for technical degree I., II. and III. Dan under supervision of Master Nicholls, were held. All 19 seminar participants subscribed to the exams. The whole exam took more than 3 hours and begun with  patterns practise. After patterns one step fights continued, where students proved the accuracy of techniques.  Next on was matsogi (free fight) with leg and hand guard. In the part intended for self defence, I.Dan had to show their reaction against unexpected attack, II. Dan continued their defence against knife attack and III.Dan were also facing Stick attack. Final exam was wooden board power breaking. Every applicant had to show his power, accuracy and efficiency of applied techniques. During the exam, Master Nicholls rated by points the performance of every single applicant. Total points achieved were proclaimed at the festive formation. All 19 applicants succeeded and deserved congratulations and higher degree. In addition, their long term and intensive efforts were crowned. Tired but happy, all took leave of Master Trevor Nicholls.

Master Nicholls accompanied by Mr. Macek and Mr. Prochazka, was driven to Vienna Swechat airport for his departure to London at 14:55. 

“Allow me to express special thanks to Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan for his visit, leadership of the Seminar and his support.  Participation on Seminar was big challenge to most of all. Members of  TKD ITF are looking forward to welcome Master Trevor Nicholls in Znojmo again”.

Written by: Jan Prochazka - Secretary of Czech ITF Association - 3rd February 2009

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