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Wow! 1st Ever...

1st time ITF have received live television coverage in South Korea.

1st Joint ITF and WTF event in South Korea

Taekwon-Do ITF Vs Sprit MC K1 Fighter Televised across South Korea and Japan

What an event, truly one for the history books.

Taekwon-do festival and Korea classic open 2008 1st – 6th July

On the 1st July history was made as ITF and WTF Taekwon-do united in a joint tournament and festival hosted by Oscar Oh of Cheong Chung University. Master Nicholls along with Mr Skyrme and 2 of his students witnesses and partook in the prestigious event.

The opening ceremony saw fabulous displays of the 2 styles of Taekwon-do, ranging from traditional patterns to creative forms and basic breaking techniques to acrobatic methods. Olympic style flames were lit to mark the opening of the event and the unification of the ITF and WTF.

2 rings were assigned to the WTF and 1 ring was assigned to the ITF. It was truly a spectacular event to see the 2 styles competing side by side, a vision that Master Choi has beheld for some years. The fact that this was the first time ever that ITF Taekwon-do has been televised in South Korea is a real break through and I am sure that the high standards of the competitors could have only impressed the viewers.

During the competition we were treated to a display by a special ladies Taekwon-do group in which you had to be over 63 to be eligible to join. They moved with finesse and decorum and were able to break as well as any other group. This certainly was a display that hammered the message home that Taekwon-do is for anyone.

Whilst not competing we were able to visit the Kukki won which is the administration centre and headquarters of the WTF. It housed a competition arena with space for 3 rings and was encircled by administrative offices. Its Museum boasted much paraphernalia from all the Olympic Games that Taekwon-do has featured in. However, a personal favourite exhibit of mine was a picture of Mohammed Ali trying on a Dobok!

The closing ceremony of the event showed the many highlights of the tournament and offered hope for future festivals hosting both the ITF and WTF. However, the entertainment was not to stop there as we were then treated to a show case of ITF’s best fighters against Spirit MC K1 fighters. It definitely showed that our kicks are not to be reckoned with and that they can stop anyone in their tracks. This again was televised and again viewers could only be impressed by the ITF style.

This will definitely go down in the history books as a success and to steal the theme of the event. WI are one through Taekwon-do.!

Report by, Laurie Cornwell IV

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Written by: Laurie Cornwell - 11th August 2008

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