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Grandmaster Nicholls seminar in Bristol
5th October 2014

On Saturday 4th October 7 members of the South Leicester Taekwon-Do club travelled to Bristol to take part in the bi-annual Grandmaster Nicholls seminar.

We set off at 7am in 2 cars arriving at the venue about 9.30am. The seminar started at 10am with a quick but rigorous warm up from Master Deedigan VII Dan. Grandmaster Nicholls IX Dan then took us through a series of leg rising exercises and talked to us all about the different types of kicks. We looked at the side kick and back kick families, with Grandmaster Nicholls explaining the application of the kicks in detail. Grandmaster Nicholls stressed how the start position was important and how the foot positions could/would change dependent on the type/application of the kick.

The seminar ended at 12am with the customary photograph.

The grading started at 1pm with 2 South Leicester students lining up going for their 1st degree

The grading ending around 4pm with Master Deedigan VII Dan and Grandmaster Nicholls IX Dan summing up quickly the highlights of the grading.

I would like to thank Miss Burridge for organising the event and for making South Leicester Taekwon-Do so welcome. Master Deedigan and Grandmaster Nicholls for taking time out to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with us and all the other UKITF members who helped make this such a positive experience/event

The members of South Leicester Taekwon-Do who travelled are

  1. Nick Overton V Dan

  2. David Martin II Dan

  3. Micheal Martin I Dan

  4. Roger Bradbury I Dan

  5. Eden Tyson 1st Kup

  6. Richard Winterton 1st Kup

  7. Mark Button 4th Kup

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