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UK ITF Instructors Meeting: Developments
15th November 2012

After an exciting day at the UK ITF British Championships the next morning, bright and early, UK ITF Instructors met for an update on the many developments that have occurred in 2012 within the UKITF.

Master Nicholls VIII, opened the meeting welcoming all Instructors and congratulating everyone on successes in 2012. Reflecting on the excellent results at this year’s World Championships in Canada, Master Nicholls cited this as one of many examples of how the introduction of the UKITF Development Committees were supporting the continued growth of UKITF as a professional organisation delivering quality Taekwon-do in the UK.


Following on from this, Dr Hayley Parker V (Policy Development) with the Development Committee Chairs ,Mr Mandeep Rauli VI (Promotions & Disciplinary), Miss Kerry Burridge VI (Coaching & Tournaments), and Mrs Wendy Richards IV (Umpiring) outlined some of the key outputs from these Committees.


Tournament Committee update


Most Instructors and students in the UKITF will already have experienced some of the dedicated work from both the Coaching Committee and Tournament Committees. The British Championships being an excellent example of work from the Tournament Committee, who have built on past experience to deliver a truly excellent event.


Coaching Committee update


The Coaching Committee have released two main procedures; 1) UK ITF Ranking, Selections, Sponsorship_V01_July2012.pdf. This details key aspects of the route for the Elite athlete within the UKITF; the new ranking system which will reflect ‘Depth of Field’ and identifying ranking competitions where students can obtain their eligibility to attend National GB Squad where the Elite GB Team will be selected. 2) UK ITF Sponsorship criteria 2013-14.pdf. This clearly outlines criteria for UKITF sponsorship for the Elite Team.


Social Media Policy update


With today’s increased on-line world the UKITF have developed a Social Media Policy, linking in with key BTC Policies and guidelines (UK ITFPOL-UKITF-Social Media 1.0). This Policy details responsibilities and provides guidelines for UKITF direct and Partner groups when using Social Media.


Promotions Committee update and Regions Guidance


The Promotions Committee has been hard at work answering queries and reviewing new theory exams and destruction guidelines for Black Belt examinations.  Finally the draft guidance to align the operation and organisation of the UK ITF Regions was outlined.


The meeting was lively and informative, and Instructors were keen to ask questions and discuss implementation.  Master Nicholls ended the meeting with closing remarks acknowledging the commitment and work of all individuals within the UKITF building our organisation for the future.





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