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REgion 2 (Hertfordshire): Great Results for the Welsh Championships 2011
27th February 2011

Well done Region 2 UK-ITF at the

UK-ITF Championships 2011


Well done to all competitors from Regions 2 at the UK-ITF Welsh Champonships 2011!

NAME                           CLUB                               PATTERNS                                              SPARRING

A Lawrence                 Stevenage                      Senior Male 2nd Degree: Silver         Senior Male Mid Black Belt: Silver

D Gurney                     Berkhamsted                 Adult Male 2nd Degree: Silver             n/a

H Smyth                       Stevenage                      Senior Female 1st Degree: Silver     Senior Female Hyper Black Belt: Silver

H Parker                      Stevenage                       Senior Female 5th Degree: Gold      Senior Female Welter Black Belt: Gold

H Diallo                       Stevenage                       Adult Female 1st Degree: Silver        Adult Female Hyper Black Belt: Bronze

N Brown                      Berkhamsted                 Adult Female 1st Degree: Bronze      Adult Female Micro Black Belt: Silver

N Barke                       Berkhamsted                 Junior Female Colour: Gold               Junior Female Mid Black Belt: Gold 

T Kirk                           Stevenage                       Senior Male Colour: Bronze               Senior Male Mid Colour: Bronze


A huge thank you to everyone also for supporting and umpiring, including Mr Brennan Instructor at the Berkhamsted Club.


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